And so it begins….Fantastic!!

Series 1 – Disc 1 – episode 1

This first episode started off somewhat slow for a sci-fi but was a great introductory view into Rose’s normal mundane everyday life (department store, job, slacker boyfriend, living at home with her desperate in, day out) – You can tell that she wants to escape, that she NEEDS be rescued.

nesteneforweb_1887259iEnter the Autons – plastic come to life and out to kill (although I don’t they do much except scare the life out people ( mannequins can be scary enough as it is without them going around shooting people).

Being put in mortal danger from the Autons, and her rescue by the mysterious ‘Doctor’ seems to really kick Rose into life – while those around her seem somewhat lost (her mum is a wreck and her boyfriend seems more interested in missing the Footy).

The dialogue between Rose and the Doctor is great and they seem to bond almost immediately (they even start to argue like an old married couple lol). Their banter about who he is and what he does is a special moment. She trusts him from the very start and he in turn realises that he needs her…hand holding and all.

Rose is one tough chick, she doesn’t even put off by the words of ‘crazy’  theorist Clive saying the Doctor’s constant companion is death or when the Doctor explained that yes, he really is an alien.


There were some parts of this episode that I found to be alittle too comical – the burping rubbish bin, the plastic arm choking the Doctor – but it’s all in good fun.

One other thing that I really didn’t get was how could Rose not tell that her boyfriend Mickey had been ‘changed’ when she got in the car after her meeting with Clive? I mean, he looked and acted really odd and she never even noticed!

I don’t really like Mickey that much to be honest . I found him to be alittle clingy and selfish. Rose could do sooo much better. Thank god she choose to go with the Doctor in the end.

Rose's first concept of the Tardis - Bigger on the Inside!!
Yes Rose, it’s bigger on the inside.

Billie Piper as the companion is superb casting. I wouldn’t have thought that an ex pop-star would have made a good choice (“Honey to the Bee” anyone?),  but ‘wow’ (It is now on my bucket list to meet this amazing actress!).  She is just a normal everyday girl who gets to travel through all time and space…JEALOUS!!!

Mr “Fantastic”, the 9th Doctor – Christopher Eccelston is a delight. The leather jacket wearing Northerner (“lots of places have a north” is very quirky and fun yet there is a sadness to him – as seen in the last meeting with the Nestene Consciousness.

How did the Doctor understand the Consciousness anyway? Was it some trick of the TARDIS?

I don’t think the Doctor expected Rose to save the day with her gymnastic skills but this definitely secured her place in the Doctor’s heart..and in mine. I am so glad she chose to go with the Doctor instead of sticking around with Mickey and her Mum (still jealous!!)

Overall I think the episode was a really great reboot into the Doctor Who series and I can’t wait to see how the Doctor and his rose continue.

My favourite line from the episode




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