Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular – Auckland 2015

I had booked my tickets for this months in advance and now as I am writing this review I am sad that it’s over. 😦

I overheard this adorable conversation at the Merchandise Kiosk:

Can you name all those monsters on the tshirt?”, a father asked his young daughter. “Silence, Dalek, Ood, Cyberman, Weeping Angel, Judoon” She spouted, pointing to each one in turn..”I am so proud” the father beamed.

haulThe Kiosk is a VERY dangerous place and yes I did almost spend half a weeks wages..but hey it’s Doctor Who!!

I could not have asked for better seats! Lower tiered seating in the middle of the stage so I have the most impressive view of the whole stage and crowd.

Even the  set up was impressive – a trio of large screens, huge stage AND a tardis!!

The turnout for this one-time Auckland show was impressive, from young to old in all variety of Doctor Who clothing. It was so awesome to see young children there. That is what is so great about Doctor Who, it brings together all generations and it is a seemingly endless regeneration of fans. Long live the Whovian Empire!!

The End

Lasting  2hrs 20mins, the show promised (and delivered) music and monsters that warmed my heart and chilled me to the bone at the same time.

I can’t say that I had a favourite piece of music, it was all captivated. For the most part, it was centred on the ‘new’ Doctor, Peter Capaldi (kicking off with the great “A Good Man” but also comtained a whole heap of amazing tributes to the other doctors. The screens were filled with all the greats – including a tribute to all the recent companions, The Impossible Girl (the amazing Clara), and Gallifrey. I especially loved seeing the Pandorica Suite – Matt Smith’s brilliance in the role…I do miss him.

11th 12th the War DrI must admit to crying a few tears throughout the whole performance…super happy nerdy Whovian ones.

The official host/mc of the evening, Peter Davison (the cricket obsessed 5th Doctor) is a legend!! His quips about Colin Baker (and son-in law David  Tennant – “He calls me’s weird”), knowledge of New Zealand and interaction with everyone (conductor, crowd and monsters included) just boosted the show and brought the crowd to a clapping frenzy – my hands were pretty sore.

Judoon in the audienceDaleks, Ood, Cyberman, The Silence, Silurian, The Teller ( and more ) were all there, walking the aisles and intimidating the audience – with the Daleks trying their best to take over the performance  (thankfully conductor Ben Foster (a class act and a legend in his own right) and Peter Davison had a trusty sonic screwdriver – though it didn’t really do much).

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra accompanied by the Westlake High School Choir (Chorolation) and the haunting yet beautiful voice of Antionette Halloran combined with scenes from various episodes/series made this a true Whovian experience to remember.

The Daleks Take OverThe conclusion of the show included the Doctor Who theme, a very long applause and a standing ovation for all involved…very much deserved!!

All in all, the show definitely lived up to its name…SPECTACULAR!!

Can’t wait to see them next year 🙂





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