Birthday Haul

Last week was my birthday, and as you may guess I got alot of Doctor Who stuff so here is my Doctor Who Birthday Haul 🙂


Yes I know it isn’t Doctor Who, BUT it does star the incomperable David TennBroadchurch_R-114001-9ant (aka The 10th Doctor).

This show has been on for awhile (season two has just finished – and I have heard rumours of there being a season three in the works), but I haven’t really seen much of it. A few friends and family members have raved about it so I am really excited to get into it.

WHOOOLOGY – The Official Miscellany

whoology374 pages of facts, figures and stories from the shows run from 1963 to 2012!!

I was quite surprised at the thickness of this book (it is going to take me awhile to get through it) but I love all the stuff I have seen it it already….The Doctor’s Family Tree for one..(will probably make more sense when I watch more of the earlywpid-Photo-28-Mar-2013-2030 episodes)

Without giving all much away (in case you want the book for yourself), here are just a few things that are included in the book:

  • The 50-Year Diary (The Doctor Who Timeline)
  • 40 ways to defeat a Dalek
  • Companion Roll Call


Doctor-Who-Tardis-Ceramic-Cookie-JarThe detail on this ceramic jar is amazing and holds all my coffee satchets perfectly!!




Doctor Who DictionaryAs soon as I took this book out of the wrapper I was loving it!! It has a visual illusion that makes Peter Capaldi seem to appear and disappear and its all amost 3D. Wow!!

The inside is just as impressive.

See detailed diagrams of the Tardis console. Explore a cross section of the Dalek Emperor’s flagship and discover detailed descriptions of all the Doctor’s ‘enemies.Doctor-Who-The-Visual-Dictionary-0-3


Doctor Who Titans 50th Anniversary FigureSoooo cute!!! These figures are blind boxed so you have no idea which character you are getting. There are 15 all together (The 11 Doctors, plus extras with differnt outfits etc).

So far I have The 5th Doctor and the 1st Doctor. I really want to collect the whole set…but could be damaging to my bank account.




All in all it was great birthday 🙂

Thanks Mighty Ape ( for having such an awesome collection of Doctor Who stuff, and the Book Depository ( for the quich delivery of the Doctor Who Dictionary.


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