Aliens of London

Aliens of london crashI felt so bad for Rose’s Mum Jackie at the start of this episode. I mean, what would you expect  her to think after her daughter just swans in the front door after being missing a year (although Rose only thinks it was 12 hours….thanks Doctor!!). But not only that! She gets told by the Doctor (who is just a 40-year-old looking stranger) that he ’employed’ her as his “companion” (which could be sooo easily misinterpreted.

What a mean right hook she has!

The bonding moment with Rose and The Doctor on the roof was cute. Rose seemed at abit of a crossroads. She feels so much more at home with the Doctor and the TARDIS than in her actual real world. The Doctor is the only one who she can talk to about all the stuff she has seen and is going through. Poor Doctor looks quite disappointed as he asks if she is going to stay with him or stay on Earth. He jokingly remarks that Jackie can’t go with them…

“900 years in time and space and I’ve never been slapped by somebody’s mother”

Ironically as Rose exclaims that she is only one of planet Earth that knows aliens exist, a huge spaceship flys over, round, through Big Ben and into the Thames….(amazing CGI work!!)….cue excited Doctor!!

The army and world’s news catches onto this news surprisingly quickly, even America…which isnt shown on Doctor Who very often (as far as I’ve seen).

As Rose’s family and neighbours gather to watch the news a body is found in the wreckage and taken to the hospital. Hearing this news (and wanting to get away from the domestic nightmare of the flat) the Doctor slips out. Rose follows wanting to know where he going. He is so cutely excited for the humans that they are experiencing their first alien encounter, he wants to leave them to their celebration.

“This morning you were all tiny and small and made of clay…now you can expand!!”

This looks ominous!

Rose is worried (and rightfully so) however that he is just going to up and leave. To her surprise he gives her a key to the TARDIS “‘Bout time you had one”. To this end, he does disappear (with a little jiggery pockery with a hammer)…but not before being seen my Mickey (I guess no one has told him that Rose is actually safe and well….opps).Meanwhile, at the hospital Doctor and General are astounded as to what this creature is and looks like. ‘It’ is then put into a mortuary freezer…but the door isn’t shut properly….Oh oh!!

More Breaking News: The Prime Minister is missing and a portly, flatulent MP is arriving a 10 Downing Street.

Harriet Jones
Harriet Jones – MP, Flydale North! [presents business card]What a great way to introduce yourself…I must try that sometime….more on her later

The portly flatulent MP  (now the Acting PM ) is introduced to an equally portly woman from MI5 and her portly companion. Once inside the Cabinet Room that all start laughing (and farting). Something isn’t right!! Back to  Harriet who is advocating for better cottage hospitals however she is quickly put in her place by the farty acting MP – “By all the saints, get some perspective woman, I’m busy!!”. This however leaves her free to have a nosey in the Cabinet Room and at the Emergency Protocol. I have a sneaky suspicion that this woman is going to be a strong force in the future.Scene: A dark and gloomy lab, the Doctor hears a loud banging coming from the Mortuary…this is the stuff of horror movies.Enter the Doctor!! (and just in time too) The ‘Alien’ has awoken and is running amok around the halls of the hospital.

This ‘alien’ then turns out to be cute lil Space Pig scared out of this mind. The Doctor tries to help but its frightened off again and inevitable shot and killed by the Army….I was not impressed..poor lil space pig

Harriet is cornered in the Cabinet room when the flatulent trio and the General return. She hides in the cupboard but keeps watch. The flatulent three joke and fart around and the General is not amused threatening to take charge. Things are hair-raising as the aliens reveal their true form to the General before doing away with him and ‘replacing’ him – poor Harriet sees that whole thing.

The Doctor and the Doctor look over the body of the Pig Alien. The Doctor explains that it’s like a mermaid:

“Victorian showmen used to draw the crowds by taking the skull of a cat and gluing it to a fish and calling it mermaid”

Ninth_Doctor_and_Toshiko_Sato_with_the_Space_PigMeaning: It’s a pig disguised as an alien.

“Aliens and faking aliens but why would they do that”??

Mickey shows up at the flat and lashes out explaining he was the main suspect in Rose’s disappearance (no thanks to Jackie spreading rumours).

He seems so overly proud to tell Rose that the Doctor has left without her (his attitude about this annoyed me to some extend). I guess he is feeling alittle insecure and inferior to this new man in Rose’s life

“He’s not my boyfriend, Mickey. He’s better than that. He’s much more important than that!” (take that  Mickey!!)

But the key then glows and the TARDIS shows up. Seeing inside the box freaks Jackie out and she runs back to the flat.. She has reached the end of her tether and dobs in the Doctor using the Alien Hotline.

The gig is up, The Doctor realises that the ship isnt from the space after all and has simply boomeranged around the Earth and crashed in an effort to fool the human race and put the Earth on Red Alert.

Wow Mickey has done his homework and studied up the Doctor while they were gone…slightly impressive.

Thanks to Jackie, UNIT know the Doctor is close and the SWAT team arrives to escort the Doctor and Rose to 10 Downing Street to meet with UNIT.

officer zip
How is it that this Slitheen had a visible zip?

Back at the flat, Jackie gets a visit from the Police, specifically a very portly officer who wants to talk to her about the Doctor, alone….eeks….The Doctor is taken into meeting room leaving Rose in the capable hands of Harriet Jones.

Harriet breaks down asking Rose how much the Doctor knows about aliens. The discovery of this brings the MI5 lady into the room…(I sense trouble)

Inside the meeting room, everyone is seated (and wearing their ID cards). The Doctor announces what he discovered about the spaceship….it’s not a diversion its a trap

Cut to the Cabinet Room where Harriet and Rose have discovered the PM’s body inside a cupboard. In comes ……….. who reveals her true self.

“Excuse me, do you mind not farting while i am trying to save the world.”

It’s a triple revelation as the office in Jackie’s flat reveals himself too.

Cliffhanger time!!!

The Slitheen, cute but deadly aliens. Unbeknownst to the meeting attendees, the ID cards are actually shockers and they are electrocuted…including the Doctor…..

jackie slitheen



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