Interview: Question No. 6

Question 6Question 6  is an illustrator and comic artist who does amazing (and super cute) drawings…including some awesome Doctor Who stuff. They recently did my super cute illustration/logo for my site (if only I was that tall and skinny lol),
I wanted to find out more about this super cool artist:

 question 6 3Tell us abit about yourself, where are you from?

I’m from Japan, but now live in London.

How did you get started in illustration and drawing?

My first drawing experience is imitating manga when I was a primary school student.

Who is your favourite Doctor? Favourite companion?

Favorite Doctor is 11th Doctor. He’s my first Doctor.

And companion is River Song. BBC should make her spin-off stories!

Will you do any more comics like your Doctor Who in Japan one?

Of cause I will! In TV series the Doctor hasn’t traveled to Japan, but it would be interesting if he come!

If I make next Doctor Who comics, the Doctor would be 12.

What would be your ideal dream/outcome from your illustrations?

I love 70s-80s products, posters, textiles etc, I always want to question 6 2make things like them.

When I draw illustrations, first I search and look these images and try to think like the creators of these retro products.

Anywhere in time and space, where would you travel and why?

I‘d like to travel to another planets or universes. Because no one have been there yet!

What do you like about Doctor Who?

Honestly I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with this drama… But Doctor Who always excites me, like I’m traveling in time and space with them.




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