Interview: BLUE BOX BALM

I have just spent what seemed like hours trolling through all the products available on the Blue Box Balm Etsy site trying to pick at least one to try..but there were waaay too many choices – Tiramasu flavoured (inspired by Madame Vastra), Buttercream Cupcake flavoured (inspired by Amy Pond), Gummy Candy flavoured (inspired by the 4th Doctor) and much more!!! (there is even one inspired by Sherlock – Coffee and Sugar flavoured yumm!)..not to mention the Geek Scents too. Arrrghhh!!

Before I make this most important choice, I wanted to know more about how this company got started and how they come up with such awesome ideas…

Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

TiramasuHello Sweeties! My name is Traci Porczynski and I am the creator of Blue Box Balm.

I started Blue Box Balm nearly one year ago, with the idea that I wanted to create fun lip balms based on Doctor Who characters.

During the past year, I have come up with many fun, fandom fuelled flavours that cover Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sherlock characters.

What other products are you looking to expand your line with?

Blue Box Balm has recently launched a new line of sugar lip scrubs called Cyber Scrub “DELETE! Dry, Chapped Lips UPGRADE! to Soft, Sexy Lips”.

I am always thinking of new products and flavours (scents). You never know what amazing products I may come up with, so keep watching!!

What is the creative process from idea to reality with each product?

I put a lot of thought into each inspired flavour of the lip balms. Since each lip balm is inspired by a certain character, I like to take character traits and work them into a flavour. For example, Allons-y! is inspired by the 10th Doctor or course, the flavor is French Vanilla. This flavour choice came from the fact that Allons-y! is a French word, so can you see the connection? I also take inspiration from the actors that play the characters themselves. For example, Caitlin Blackwood (who played Little Amelia Pond), picked her flavor of Sugared Strawberry because her favorite fruit flavor is Strawberry.

The creative process of picking inspirations, names and flavors is certainly enjoyable!

Cyber ScrubI am having so much trouble just choosing even one product to try from your range, do you have a particular favourite? What the best seller?

That is hard to say! I would have to say my favorite lip balm (at the moment) is Tempest (inspired by Edward Harrison who played Adrian in The Caretaker episode). Ed helped picked his inspired flavor of Cherry Marshmallow, and it is PERFECT!

Our best seller… Capt. Cheesecake inspired by Capt. Jack Harkness (a lovely Lemon Cheesecake flavor).

What do you love most about Doctor Who?

I just love EVERYTHING about Doctor Who! The Doctors, The Companions, The Villains, The Monsters, they are all just BRILLIANT!!

I would love to see your products for sale in New Zealand? Have you ever been to New Zealand?

I shipped my products all over the world, so please visit my shop at to find out more. I would LOVE to visit New Zealand, no I have never been there, but I hear is it spectacular!

I am certainly hoping to one day be fortunate enough to visit πŸ™‚

What goals do you have for the future of Blue Box Balm?

I would love to continue creating fun, fandom oriented lip care products. I may be expending onto some other products, but SPOILERS!

David Tennant Blue Box BalmIt must be awesome knowing that people like David Tennant are aware of your products and actually have them in their home. Who would you personally like to meet and present their “inspired by” product to?

It is amazing to know that so many of the Doctor Who cast have experienced our lip balms! I love getting pictures of actors with their inspired balms πŸ™‚

I would love to meet Peter Capaldi and present him his inspired “Rebel” lip balm. But since I have not actually met any of the cast, I would be thrilled to met any of them lol!!
Thanks Traci!! πŸ™‚

You can find out more about Blue Box BalmΒ  at the following sites:




FB Group:

Dont Blink scent


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