World War Three

Continued from Aliens of London….

“Oi! If you want aliens, you’ve got em! They’re inside Downing Street. Come on!

When we last saw our intrepid heroes everyone in the meeting zoom was being zapped, including the Doctor.  But because he is special it doesn’t affect him so he unclips his electric ID and pushes onto the Slitheen. This is turn seems to zap all the aliens (all connected somehow?) including the ones menacing Jackie in the flat as well as Harriet and Rose in the Cabinet Room.

Harriet and Rose are making a run for it. This scene reminded me so much of the old chase scenes from the classic Scooby Doo cartoon of the gang being chased through corridors by the ‘ghosts/monsters’ they encountered.


Mickey shows up at the flat just in time to save Jackie and drag her to safety…but not before taking a quick cellphone pic of the alien to send to Rose (as you do during a dangerous alien encounter).

The Doctor brings the army to the meeting room to capture the aliens, however they have changed back into their disguise and tells them it was actually the Doctor’s doing and he must be killed.

He makes a hasty exit (never trap a man in front of an elevator door!) and is eventually reunited with Rose and Harriet. All three run to the Cabinet Room to look at the Emergency Protocol to see how to deal with these intruders.

The Doctor tries to reason with the alien and finds out they aren’t actually a species but a family, an alien crime family to be exact.

Meanwhile, more government officials are showing up at 10 Downing Street, even the Chairman of the North Sea Boating Club??? why are they here? how are they all connected? Hmmm.. one thing they do appear to have in common is their portlyness…oh oh.

However it then becomes apparent that they have been called to some sort of family reunion. Human disguises are removed and neatly placed in the cupboard.

The Doctor meanwhile explains to Harriet and Rose that the things around the Slitheen’s necks are compression devices which allows the them to shrink themselves and fit into human skin (they have to be ‘big’ people however…hence why the killed they PM instead of using his body).

So why are the Slitheen here and what they do they want?

Mickey (who the Doctor ‘lovingly’ refers to ‘Mickey the idiot’) starts to help by accessing the UNIT database (an extremely easily accessed system). Jackie meanwhile pleads with the Doctor that he will keep Rose safe.

Their discussion is interrupted when the police officer/Slitheen has returned to get Mickey and Jackie. Now the Doctor is really stressing out trying to figure out where these aliens come from and how to defeat them.

Then he gets it!!


“Raxacop…Raxacorid….Geez Davies how do you come up with these!!”

And who would’ve thought that good ol’ vinegar, with so many household uses could kill huge baby-faced aliens too!!

Jackie opens up her kitchen cupboard and throws all she can at the alien (gherkins, pickled eggs, pickled onions). Kaboom (or should be Splat!) they are saved! Gross lol.

The Acting PM calls a broadcast letting the world know that there are massive weapons of destruction. He calls for the UN to give them access to the codes to release a nuclear strike at the ‘heart of the beast’ The doctor puts all this together and talks to the Margaret/Slitheen about what their plan actually is:

slitheen 1DOCTOR: You get the codes, release the missiles, but not into space because there’s nothing there. You attack every other country on Earth. They retaliate, fight back. World War Three. Whole planet gets nuked.
 MARGARET: And we can sit through it safe in our spaceship waiting in the Thames. Not crashed, just parked. Only two minutes away.
 HARRIET: But you’ll destroy the planet, this beautiful place. What for?
DOCTOR: Profit. That’s what the signal is beaming into space. An advert.
 MARGARET: The sale of the century. We reduce the Earth to molten slag, then sell it piece by piece. Radioactive chucks, capable of powering every cut-price star liner and budget cargo ship. There’s a recession out there, Doctor. People are buying cheap. This rock becomes raw fuel.

Now the broadcast is completed, the world is nervously awaiting the UN’s decision. Will they release the code?

The Slitheen gather in the PM’s Office to await the call.

save the world but lose uHarriet, Rose and Doctor are holed up in the cabinet room wondering how to stop the launch. There has always been a ‘way out’ though. However Rose may not be safe …. Rose trusts the Doctor unconditionally. He hasn’t even told everyone his plan yet she still tells him to do it, even at the risk of her own life. He looks at her with such love and admiration…these two are so damn cute!!

Harriet Jones puts her foot down and demands he do whatever necessary, before they all go hide in the cupboard for safety.

Mickey hacks into the Royal Navy website with the Doctor’s assistance – is it really that easy to access nukes? I have enough trouble using Online banking!!

“Mickey the idiot, the world is in your hands”


10 Downing Street is destroyed, along with the Slitheen clan. Thankfully Rose, Harriet and the Doctor hid inside a small cupboard inside the well fortified Cabinet Room. As soon as they are out Harriet takes charge and deals with the media and army. The Doctor then realises why he remembers her – she will be UK’s Prime Minister for 3 terms and usher in the Britain’s golden age”

harriet jones 1“Mankind stands tall, proud and undefeated! God bless the human race”

Jackies wants to cook dinner for Rose and Doctor to get to know him better for the sake of her daughter. But when Rose tell the Doctor he has other ideas and smoothly talks her into leaving ASAP (hmm dinner at home with Mum or travel to the Horse Head Nebula..ummmm). Bag packed and she is off!! The Doctor is stuck with her now! Lol…You can’t blame her though. Wanting to escape the hum-drum human life to travel in through time and jealous!!

NOTE: Quick reference to Bad Wolf with the boy painting over his earlier spray paint job on the Tardis

Mickey is shocked to see that the newspaper’s headline shows the Alien invasion as just a hoax. The Dcotor explains to him that the human race just isn’t ready to believe, doesn’t want to see what’s right in front of them..ignorance is bliss I guess.

After all the help he has given them, the Doctor seems to like Mickey now (and I am slowly too, although I still think Rose could be alot better) and offers for him to come along with them. Mickey is scared of the idea and doesn’t think he can cope..ashamed of this he asks the Doctor not to tell Rose so he makes an excuse that he doesn’t want him on board to protect Mickey’s pride.

Rose then tries to reassure Jackie that she will be fine and will be back safe in sound in no time at tall…10 seconds even! (But we all know that isn’t true).

And off they go on another adventure….




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