Monsters! Going to eat us!

This episode was abit of a change from the normal with it focusing on Rose’s family past and the repercussions of changing it.

bad wolfBad Wolf reference: The words Bad Wolf are seen on a poster the first time Rose and The Doctor wait for Pete Tyler.

Rose has always heard about how amazing her father was, although she never got the chance to meet him for herself (having died in a hit n run when she was still a baby). But now, thanks to the Doctor and his fantastic TARDIS Time Machine she has the opportunity to see him .

On the basis that she is just there to witness his passing and NOT get involved (WARNING ROSE!!! PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAN!!!) the Doctor agrees to take her back to that fateful day.
However, once there Rose reveals her true wish whEmpty_tardisen she ends up saving her father’s life…and well…all hell breaks lose…winged creatures anyway (oh, and the Tardis is just an empty box)

With Rose saving Pete’s life she has created a tear in space and and time and these creatures are out to devour all humans in response “”They’re like parasites, taking adventage”). YOU WERE WARNED ROSE!!!

The Doctor is not impressed (understandably):

” I did it again, I picked up another ape. I should have known. It’s not about showing you the universe. It never is. It’s about the universe doing something for you. “

Rose makes the argument that he is always changing time, but it’s only because he understands and knows the consequences…which is why he couldnt save his own people during the Time War.

The Doctor, Rose, her family (including the baby version of herself and little Mickey Smith) and the entire wedding party are trapped inside the church whilst the car that WAS meant to have killed Pete is in a time loop going around and around the church..

Having now met her father, Rose now realises that her parent’s relationship wasn’t all as perfect as she had always imagined and that he was more of a Del Boy (loved this reference to the classic Only Fools and Horses)  than an actual businessman

Time must inevitably be restored (to save the not only the Doctor, but the world) and there is only one way to do it….and Pete knows it…. RIP Mr Tyler….again.

I enjoyed this episode as it gave an insight into Rose’s internal tragedy, and her one true wish of being there so that her Dad didn’t die alone. It also shows that given the chance..if you could change your past, it doesnt always mean you should.



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