Are you my mummy?

London 1941,The Blitz,  a mysterious, deformed child spreads terror with his gas mask shaped face and constant cries for his Mummy. The Doctor and Rose are drawn here by a mauve emergency (red is too ‘camp’ universally apparently). The Doctor wants to investigate what it is, while Rose is more drawn to finding out who this child is (much to The Doctors annoyance).

“You know, one day, just one day, maybe, I’m going to meet someone who gets the whole don’t wander off thing. Nine hundred years of phone box travel, it’s the only thing left to surprise me

empty child JACKRose also seems to have some sort of Spock fascination in this episode. She wants to be shown alien tech NOW! Thankfully she gets the chance when she somewhat stumbles upon Captain Jack Harkness (the amazing John Barrowman) who saves her life (and her hands). Rose is instantly infatuated with this ‘professional’ and he with her (along with pretty much everyone else…such an outrageous flirt….but that is why we love him lol).

Meanwhile, a young girl called Nancy plays guardian to a bunch of homeless kids scavenging from house to house, taking advantage of the air raids and eating the unsuspecting owners food.

The Doctor befriends them to try and find out more.

And I want to find a blonde in a Union Jack. I mean a specific one. I didn’t just wake up this morning with a craving. Anybody seen a girl like that?

no one but us chickensThe gas mark child finds them and wants inside. Nancy warns against it as it will turn them into him. They eventually find the mysterious ‘thing that fell from the sky’ as well as Doctor Constantine who has a whole ward filled with these gas mask zombies (all with the same injuries – a zombie plague). Doctor Constantine tries to explain the weird ‘plague’ and what happened since the first victim (Nancy’s brother) – although it seemsthat  Nancy knows more than she is letting on…but before he can explain further…Doctor C is transformed and The Doctor, Jack and Rose are surrounded…Oh oh!!

I love this episode (and its following conclusion). The haunting “Are you my mummy?” line has become iconic and is genuis in both it’s simplicity and its spine-chillingness. The casting is amazing with brilliant performances all round. I would of loved to have seen how dark the episode was originally written though (it was edited down to match the time slot).


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