Countdown to Armageddon!!

No, no, no, don’t worry the world isn’t coming to an end. It’s New Zealand largest entertainment expo (abit like America’s Comic Con with guests of TV and movies, Cosplay, Comics, Anime – a general gathering of all things pop culture/nerdom) and it’s next month!!!

Check it out at

I missed the opportunity to attend last year’s Auckland convention, but i was hellbent on going to this one as it was announced earlier this month that Amelia Pond herself, Karen Gillan would be attending!!!!!

kermit flailing

Now my tickets are organised (including a photo session and autograph), flights booked and schedule checked…all I need to need to do now is wait…sigh (I never was a very patient person lol)…oh and I need to organise what I am going to wear of course (‘normal’ or Whovian clothes? Hmmm).


 Any other Kiwi’s/Whovians attending the expo who want to know more about Mango Frog, please contact me on Twitter @mangofrognz


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