Go to your room!!

The previous cliff-hanger episode left me hooked, so I HAD to watch this conclusion straight away! And what a starting it was….

Go to your roomGo to your room. Go to your room. I mean it. I’m very, very angry with you. I am very, very cross. Go to your room!”

Lol. Quick thinking there Doctor.. since they are all ‘copied’ from the child they would behave and obey (thankfully) like a young child that has been scolded by an angry adult/parent.

I loved the instant comradery with these three. Even though Jack’s real plan was to con Rose and the Doctor into purchasing the Chula ship, then blow it up before the transaction was completed…naughty Jack. The jealousy and testosterone battle when the Doctor reveals that he only has a screwdriver rather than a high-powered sonic blaster like Jack’s was cute.

The truth of the ‘ship’ is eventually revealed (once they have all escaped the hospital) to be an ambulance  containing nanogenes (these were originally called nanites but was changed as to not get confused with the Star Trek version) – they are the same as the ones Jack used to heal Rose’s hands when he resuced her in the previous ep.

When Jamie was first hit by the ship, the nanogenes quickly acted to save him, but since they had no prior contact with humans, they thought all human life  looked like the same as him –  badly wounded with a gas mask – therefore the plague spread to match.

The bomb is about to drop…Jack has teleported back to his ship, leaving Nancy, Rose and the Doctor to deal with the hoard of zombies before the bomb drops.

b02bc83e72e0e45a193d9abace1fa13ddf02755aThe Doctor interrogates Nancy, trying to find out the truth of who and what Jamie is.

Right on time, Super Jack catches the bomb in his ship’s light beam and sits astride it proudly before the Doctor tells him its no longer needed.  Jack says goodbye….will we see him again??

BAD WOLF REFERENCE: The writing on the side of the bomb says Schlechter Wolf means Bad Wolf in German. 

Nancy finally confesses to Jamie that she is his Mummy and hugs him, prompting the nanogenes to scan her too. Seeing that her DNA is a match to Jamie they realise their mistake and go about fixing all the other victims back to ‘normal’.

The Doctor is understandably ecstatic with this sight as it means…..

everybody lives

CONSTANTINE: Mrs Harcourt. How much better you’re looking.
HARCOURT: My leg’s grown back. When I come to the hospital, I had one leg.
CONSTANTINE: Well, there is a war on. Is it possible you miscounted.

Rose and Doctor return to the TARDIS, but Jack is still in his ship…with the undetonated bomb..Eeeks!! Hurray for the TARDIS showing up and exactly the right moment 🙂

And they are all danced happily around the TARDIS 🙂

 I can dance

This two-parter had it all – the scare-factor, humour, family, history etc etc and is all my all time fav…so far anyway.

The introduction of Captain Jack Harkness as a companion brings a new interesting (and very cheeky) twist.. Who is he? Where has he come from? I can’t wait to find out (I am really hoping they bring him back for Series 9)


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