She’s back…or still here anyway (gurgle)

Cardiff. six months since the invasion of the Slitheen. The intrepid trio have stopped for a quick TARDIS recharge on the rift in time and space (as you do).

buy me a drinkWhilst there, they are reunited with Rose’s boyfriend (or is that ex boyfriend now?), Mickey. He is glad to see Rose – although she seems more interested in showing off her time/space knowledge and going on about all the adventures she’s been on (can’t blame her really, I would be exactly the same).

The gangs bonding season is rudely interrupted by the realistion that the new Lord Mayor is none other than Margaret from their previous encounter…oh oh…so much for a quick stop over.

The mayor is in the stages of promoting a nuclear facility right in the heart of the city (right by the rift…hmm that seems safe lol). She is heavily questioned about it’s safety as alot of people associated with the it keep dying – which she puts down to nothing more but coincidence.

The Doctor pays a visit to her office, as she is trying to do a runner – which proves difficult as the Doctor keeps teleporting her backward and forward so she keeps running in their directions…lol very comical.

“What have I ever done to you”

“You tried to kill me and destroy this entire planet”dude

The scale model of the planet contains a secret….a totally awesome surfboard (a pan-dimensional surfboard at that)….actually its a Tribophysical Waveform Maco-kinetic Extrapolator.

Margaret’s real plan is revealed: The facility will be pushed to capacity, whereby it will explode destroying the planet. During which time she would use the board to surf through space to safety…Cowabunga!!

The project is called Bad Wolf  (or “The Blaidd Project” in Welsh). The Doctor and Rose are catching on these words seem to be following them everywhere…but why??? Coincidence? or something bigger?? hmm

Margaret is taken into the TARDIS where she claims she is no match for this “technology of the gods” (The Doctor doesnt agree – he wouldn’t make a good one). The Doctor threatens to take her back to her home planet to face her death sentence. However they cannot leave until they are fully charged so they decide to use the extrapolator as fuel to try and save time.

The Doctor seems abit sad and jealous seeing Rose and Mickey together again, especially when the two of them go off for drinks (during which Rose continues to go on and on about her Doctor travels).

Jack is left to look after the TARDIS whilst the Doctor and Margaret go to dinner (somewhat of a Last Supper for Miss Slitheeboom-townn)  – whose real name is Blon Fel Fotch Passamer-Day Slitheen. She continues to plead her case whilst trying to rid herself of the Doctor, but he thwarts her attempts everytime.

The ground starts to shake and the rift opens over the TARDIS. Rose runs a back to the TARDIS

“Oh go on then, run! It’s him again isn’t it? It’s the Doctor. It’s always the Doctor. It’s always going to be the Doctor. It’s never me!”

Oh get over it Mickey. She has a life now, a better life… a happier life

Plan B has been executed. The extrapolator is feeding off the TARDIS and ripping open the rift.

Margaret grabs Rose in a “Do what I say or the pretty girl dies” dies. Suddenly a beam of light from within the TADIS shines on Margaret putting her into some weird happy trance. She thanks the Doctor and POOF! Is mysteriously turned into an egg…ready to start her life again.

Rose goes out looking for Mickey, but he’s gone.

squad goals
Squad Goals!!

Again, I am loving the super trio of Doctor, Rose and Jack. They’re so cute and comical (and flirty). They are like the time-travelling Scooby Doo Gang with the TARDIS as their Mystery Machine.


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