INTERVIEW: Alisa Stern from Doctor Puppet

alisa_doctorYou have probably heard me talk about Doctor Puppet before, but I just can’t get enough of these adorable renditions of the Doctor’s (check them out HERE on YouTube). So detailed and so expressive, these are an obvious pure labour of Doctor Who fan love.  Made by a team of professional artists and musicians in a tiny New York City Apartment (music and vocals produced and recorded in England), Doctor Puppet is taking over the world (hint hint’s time for a movie).

 I tracked down the creator herself , Alisa Stern (@alisa_stern) to ask her about her fantastic creations and her love of the Doctor.

How long does each video take to create from start to finish?
Each video takes about 3 months to make from scripts to music.

Have you been to New Zealand? Do you see a Doctor Puppet adventure happening here?
I never have, but I’d love to one day! If I ever visit, a few puppets will definitely be joining me.

What’s next for Doctor Puppet? Doctor Puppet The Movie maybe?? (Please lol)
Not sure… but a movie sounds amazing! I think we’d need the BBC’s help for that though.

Doctor puppet and Colin BakerWhat sort of response have you gotten from the Doctors/Companions about their puppet selves?
The only Doctor to meet his puppet so far is Colin Baker, who promptly tried to steal himself. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have voiced their puppets (for a clip in the “Earth Conquest” documentary,) so presumably they are fans as well.

How do you come up with your storylines?
I initially came up with the long story starring the Eleventh Doctor because I wanted to tell a story that could involve all the Doctors. The other videos we’ve made have been a real team effort, especially “The Planet That Came For Christmas.” Myself and the other artists I work with had a story meeting and came up with the idea together. I think it’s our best story yet.

doctorpuppetThe puppets are so cute and expressive, is it complicated to match them with the actors personality and appearance wise?
Thanks! I’ve found that it hasn’t been difficult because each actor is so unique both in their appearance and the way they move.

What do you enjoy about Doctor Who?
I love that it’s a show that is ever-changing and about everything. There are no limits! There’s no other show like it.

tumblr_nntuvigIIE1rqsb31o1_250All of time and space. Where would u like to go?
Do I have to pick just one?! I’d be such an annoying companion. Well, I love history and it would be so cool to experience it first hand. Right now… I’d love to go for a stroll through 1905 New York City. I’d start in Central Park then take a train to Coney Island and ride the rides in Luna Park. The future would be cool too… full of surprises!

When did you first become a Whovian (Classic or NuWho)?
I got into Doctor Who when I got Netflix in 2008 – so I’m a relatively recent fan. I started with the 9th Doctor, then watched some Classic Who when I was caught up with New Who. Still haven’t seen most the classic stuff though! I watched it in spurts. Lately I’ve been into the 6th Doctor. I think he’s fantastic.

for_anna polaroidThank you so much for your time Alisa. I can’t wait to see the future adventures of Doctor Puppet. Keep up the amazing work!

You can find out more about Alisa and her Doctor Puppet creations at the following links

Twitter: @TheDoctorPuppet     @alisa_stern


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