INTERVIEW: Kate from WhoWars

Kate (@Kamiduu) is a correspondent for Who Wars Network. She gets to travel to various conventions, reviews both Doctor Who and Star Wars related stuff..and has a slight obsession with all things R2D2 and (hehe). A few months ago I had the privilege of being interviewed by her for one of their awesome podcasts (check them out at This week it was Kate’s turn in the hot seat as I asked her about her love of theweek it was Kate’s turn in the hot seat as I asked her about her love of the Doctor Doctor.

oh oh, look out Kate. The Silence are close by
oh oh, the Silence are close by

Who is your favourite Doctor/Companion (both Nuwho and Classic)?

I think 10 will ALWAYS be my favorite doctor! I haven’t watched much Classic Who, but 4 seems to be a fan favorite. For companions, I’d say it’s a tie between Rose and Amy.

How much Doctor Who merchandise do you own?

My collection has really grown in the last year. I tend to gravitate toward TARDIS related things, so far my collection includes a Yahtzee set, a towel, a backpack and a few handcrafted items.

Do you have a favourite episode?

As much as I love the 10th doctor I’m going to have to go with an 11th Doctor episode – Vincent and the Doctor. That episode was incredible on so many levels and really left an impression on me.

Favourite villan/alien?

I really enjoyed Missy in series 8 and I would love to go back and watch some of the previous Masters.

All of time and space, where would you go?

Jealous!! Her TARDIS collection is awesome!
Jealous!! Her TARDIS collection is awesome!

On earth, I’d love to travel to the Renaissance era. That time period has always fascinated me and I’d love to see it first-hand. But, if I had a chance to go anywhere, I’d choose an indescribable planet with breathtaking views!

I love the work you do with WhoWars. What’s next for the crew?

We plan on keeping people entertained with more Star Wars and Doctor Who reviews, interviews and features. And there are a few new shows in store for the Who Wars Network. Whovians can expect a lot more Doctor Who related content with series 9 right around the corner!

 If Doctor Who ever crossed over into Star Wars territory, what would you like to see happen? Would R2D2 make a good companion?

r2d2 dalek

R2 would make the best companion! I envision him and the Doctor joining forces against the Daleks! Actually, listen to an upcoming episode of Who Wars for more on this…

Have you had the opportunity to interview many Doctor Who stars (or crew) yourself?

So far the only member of the cast or crew I’ve interviewed is writer Paul Cornell. (He wrote the episodes Father’s Day and Human Nature/The Family of Blood) It was amazing to interview him and hopefully I’ll get a chance to do more in the future!

Allons-y and May The Force Be With You!

Thanks for your time Kate and I look forward to reading your future adventures with the WhoWars team.
You can check out Kate on , her blog  at and follow her on twitter @Kamiduu



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