The Christmas Invasion….while the Doctor sleeps

It’s Christmas Eve and the TARDIS crashes its way back onto Earth (London, England – present day) at the hands of new Doctor…
sycorax bohemian rhap
In this shot, the Sycorax were intentionally posed to resemble Queen’s music video of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The Doctor isn’t well however, he is still suffering the trauma from the regenerative process and falls into a coma. This is bad timing for the people of Earth, as a British space probe (“Guinevere”) has come into contact with the Sycorax who use the information found on the ship to locate earth and in turn plan to control the human race.

While the Doctor sleeps, Rose and Mickey (what exactly is going on with these two?? Are they still friends after all??) take a stroll into the town for Christmas shopping where they are set upon by a brass band of Santas disguising weapons as musical instruments. Meanwhile at the flat, Jackie is attacked by an out of control spinning Christmas tree. Rose and Mickey arrive there just time and Rose wakes the Doctor up (temporarily) with a sweet “Help me” in his ear (awwww).

The Doctor is lucid long enough to tell them that these are “pilot fish” which means that something else is coming….oh oh…oh and Harriet Jones is now Prime Minister (she STILL announces it to everyone, as she did when she was still an MP for Flydale North during the Slitheen invasion)

The Sycorax are using the blood sample found on the probe to control the people of Earth with A+ blood type to walk to the rooftops or tallest building near them…Oh oh…Wake Up Doctor!!! (where would people who live in flat areas of land go? Would it have affected people in planes??) So many questions…

miss meWhen he does finally wake up (thanks for a nice cup of tea), the Doctor is in full force. Switching from quoting Lion King to the Sycorax to asking Rose if he is “Ginger yet”…lol

Doctor: [still recently regenerated] Am I… Ginger?

Rose: No, you’re just sort of… brown.

The Doctor: Aww, I wanted to be ginger. I’ve never been ginger. And you, Rose Tyler, fat lot of good you were. You gave up on me. Ooh, that was rude. Is that the kind of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger?

Not only does he defeat the Sycorax in a well-played sword fight (although he did lose a hand – which promptly ‘grew’ back thanks to him still being the regeneration phase)..he also brings down the prime minister in six words (he wasn’t impressed with the fact she had a retreating alien ship destroyed..which is totally understandable).

‘Torchwood’, the mysterious organisation set up to conquer alien threats using alien technology, is mentioned here for the first time – Is this the Bad Wolf version of season two?

There is a great sequence in an unseen part of the TARDIS where the new Doctor chooses his ‘costume’. All costumes from all of the previous Doctors are in the wardrobe (it also contains a Hogwarts uniform…a nod to David’s character as Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

New Doctor, New outfit, new personality…this one is more family friendly as he actually sits down for a meal with the Rose, Mickey and Jackie. Then they all gather outside to watch the ‘snow’ (which is actually ash from the destroyed Sycorax ship…but shhh!!!)

There is a great amount to detail in this episode too – including the scaffolding on Big Ben (obviously still trying to fix it since the Slitheen crashed a ship through it).

Rose gets put through alot in this episode. Not only is her Doctor ‘gone’, but he is not there for her at all, AND the Earth is being taken over!! But now the Earth is safe again and all is well does the Doctor still want her around?? Of course he does , coz he Looovvves her…(you can sooooo tell lol).


Putting the Doctor asleep for most of this regeneration episode was a good idea as it let you see how Rose, Mickey (and the rest of the world) would handle this type of thing by themselves…which was quite well.

This was a great episode to introduce David Tennant as the new 10th Doctor. He made the character is own from this first scene and his chemistry with Rose/Billie is too cute.









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