Never trust a Nun? Never trust a Nurse. And never trust a cat.

It’s the year five billion and twenty three (23 years after the Earth is destroyed in the End of the World). The Doctor and Rose are relaxing on the apple grass of New Earth, overlooking New New York (well technically it would be New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York – being the 15th since the original).

To ruin this cute bonding moment, they are being watched by a familiar face… Cassandra…She didn’t die after all (damn it!!) Apparently her brain survived, but now she is talking out her a..(lol). She’s been lurking in the basement of the hospital, hiding. Using a human clone she calls ‘Chip’ to steal drugs and look after her. She spots Rose and  immediately seeks revenge:

CASSANDRA: Rose Tyler! I knew it. That dirty blonde assassin.

The Doctor gets a message to come to Ward 26 of the Hospital. On arriving, Rose is amused to see that it’s run by a sisterhood of cat-peopls (the Sisters of Plenitude) – and the Doctor is disappointed that there is no little shop…awwww

face of boe new-earth2On their way to Ward 26 they become separated – Rose gets taken to Cassandra, whilst the Doctor is taken to see the patients. He sees for himself that these cat-nurses have an uncanny abillity to cure the seemingly uncurable…hmmm something isn’t right. He then sees that one of the patients is the Face of Boe. He is near death, from old age.


Meanwhile, down in the basement, Cassandra tricks Rose and thanks to a psychograft she ‘transports’ herself into Rose’s body.

The Doctor and Rose/Cassandra soon realise that the Sisters aren’t as sweet as innocent as they seem – they have been growing humans and using them as lab rats to infect with all the diseases ever known in order to find cures..the Doctor is not impressed!! Cassandra threatens the Sister’s that she will reveal all if they don’t pay up before letting the infected ‘flesh’ loose in the hospital…eeeekkk!! It’s a zombie horde roaming the hospital trying to hug everyone to death!

During the skirmish Cassandra blows her energy into the Doctor with amusing


Everyone is eventually saved after the Doctor rigs up a cure/disinfecant spray in the lift and the lab rats are slowly cured…hooray!! Even the Face of Boe is rejuvenated and tells the Doctor that what he had to tell him can wait, that they will meet again…

Cassandra (who at this stage is still in Rose) has no where to go, now that her orginal skin/skin is dead… that is until her faithful assistant Chip (who is only a half-life and close to death himself) steps in and sacrifices himself so that she can die happy (in the arms in her orginal human self  – thanks to the Doctor transporting her back in time).

This was a great episode. Now only was it the first episode that actually takes place on another planet but it has cat-people…cute lol. The brain swapping was so funny. It would have been soooo hard keeping a straight face acting against David Tennant when he was ‘Cassandra’. The final scene of her dying in her own arms was sweet and touching too. Even though she was an enemy they still treated her humanly.



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