You burnt like the sun, but all I require is the moon!

Tooth-and-Claw-doctor-who-35741763-500-281Host: Look, inside your eyes, you’ve seen it too!
Rose: Seen what?
Host: The wolf, there’s something of the wolf about you!
Rose: I don’t know what you mean.
Host: You burnt like the sun, but all I require is the moon!

Ninja Monks, Queen Victoria and a Mistletoe hating Werewolf (and no Muppet Movie) … doesn’t sound much like 1979 to me Doctor. Yet again the Doctor has made a miscalculation with the TARDIS and yet still landed in just the right place at the right time.

David Tennant gets to use this  normal Scottish accent for this episode which is enjoyable. Rose’s attempt at the accent is..umm..well…at least she tried. Her numerous attempts to get the Queen to say “We are not amused” did get abit tedious and annoying rather quickly, but that is my only complaint about this story really. I also moved how excited the duo get when they find out they are dealing with an actual werewolf (or an alien version at least anyway)

A chance meeting with Queen Victoria who is travelling to Torchwood Estate allows the Doctor to adopt the alias of a physician – convincing the Queen that they are invited guests of her majesty they hitch a lift. Little do they know what lies ahead…

A brotherhood of monks have taken over the Estate and are holding much of the staff captive (where did the ninja’s go??). They worship an alien (the Lupine-Wavelength Haemovariform) to be exact) that has taken the form of a werewolf which has survived for centuries moving from human to human host that are provided by the monks. Their ultimate goal  – capture and inhabit the Queen’s body then start the Empire of the Wolf…eeks..

Tooth-and-Claw-doctor22But have no fear….the Doctor soon realizes that the estate was designed as a trap for the werewolf, as by use of its strange telescope along with the Queen’s Koh-i-Noor diamond, its cut fashioned by Prince Albert, they trap the werewolf in the concentrated beam of light from the Full Moon and Zap!! No more Wolfy.

The Queen is horrified by this new world she does not understand (and with the Doctor’s calmness about the whole situation), and after bestowing titles on both Rose and the Doctor banishes them from the British Empire. She then orders the creation of the Torchwood Estate to investigate any future alien attacks and also if the Doctor does return, Torchwood will be waiting.

Another great episode. I am loving the building relationship between Rose and the Doctor. They are too cute.

This episode is packed with Torchwood references:

  • The name itself is said to derive from the wood of a lightning-struck gallows used in its construction – is also an anagram for Doctor Who.
  • After the whole Werewolf caper, Queen Victoria secretly establishes the Torchwood Institute to research and fight Britain’s enemies “beyond imagination.



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