Mini Matt Smith

IMG_5276Meet George, he is 11 years old and LOVES Doctor Who. He is a YouTuber from the UK who Cosplays as Matt Smith the 11th Doctor and goes by the nickname MinMattSmith.

He has had the amazing opportunities of meeting the 4(ish) Doctors AND getting to interview Tom Baker!! (jealous!!!)

What do you love most about Doctor Who?

The thing I love most is that with Doctor Who it is OK to be different and every adventure is different. (this is such a great answer)

All of time and space, where and when would you most like to travel to?

To the point in Time and Space where humans will be kinder to one another.

I love your TARDIS room, but how can you sleep in there with all that cool stuff to look at and play with? It must’ve been an awesome surprise for you.

My room is really amazing, I love it so much and each day I am thankful for having it. I usually read at night (Doctor Who Books) I spend lots of time in there playing too.

Check out his awesome room!!!

Who is your favourite doctor?

Matt Smith the 11th, Tom Baker the 4th.

matt and doctorsWhat was it like talking to the 4ish Doctors?

It was awesome and a dream come true for any whovian, they are so nice and helped me with the interview so much, I have Autism so I have issues making eye contact but they were so understanding.



Your interview with Tom Baker is really cool. He really liked those Jelly Babies you gave him. What was he like to interview?

Tom is just awesome, He loved the Jelly Babies, not many people get to offer him one like I did which was just amazing. He is such a likable person who speaks so fondly of his time on screen.

Who is your favourite enemy?

Davros, I got to meet Terry Molloy recently and we speak on Twitter quite often. He is cool.

Do you have a favourite episode?

Yes, Closing Time, Stormageddon is Awesome.

What do you have planned next?

I am attending Insomnia55 gaming Festival in August as Mini Matt Smith, lot’s of other Youtubers also attend. After this I have some interviews planned with current cast members, but I can’t announce WHO yet.

How many people did the Fish Fingers n Custard challenge?

I think about 20 people so far, but it’s ongoing and people are still doing it, I hope it gets more people involved because it is for such a worthy cause, Dreams Come True make a wish for sick and disabled children

Check out his challenge here

Thanks George for the awesome interview. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what new adventures you have in store.

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