Series 9 Teaser Trailer Reaction

It’s here!! The teaser trailer for the new series of Doctor Who (Squeeeeee!!). I have watched this numerous times and each time I am just as excited!

It shows the Doctor and Clara battling both new and old monsters – even Peter Capaldi playing a guitar! Missy is back, so are the Zygons..and just what character is Game of Thrones star Maisie Adams playing? The Doctor’s Grandaughter? hmm..Or could it be his daughter regenerated??

The dead are rising from the their graves? Why is there a two-faced man in a bar? What are the  empty eyed monsters reminiscent of Hollow Man? So much to take in and so many questions… this is indeed a great way to tease us. Bring it on!! 😀

What are your thoughts? What are you most looking forward to in Series 9? What do you hope to see happen? (leave your comments below)


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