Armageddon Wellington 2015

Snow, rain and winds of up to 120km/hr. This was the forecast for Wellington the very day I was  meant to fly there for Armageddon (grrr). But thankfully the weather gods took pity on me and it was nowhere near that bad (phew).

IMG_5304I knew from the start that this was going to be a day full of #aweseomenessness as I was greeted at the entrance by a Dalek and Boba Fett!!

This was my first ever time attending a convention like this (as well as my first time in Wellington) so I had no real idea of what to expect…crazy adventure time!!!

It was so cool to see so many fellow geeks/nerds in their costumes and fan clothing – Anime, Star Wars, Marvel characters, Doctor Who, Zombies and sooo much more – both young and old, all here to share their love of their respective Fandoms.

The sheer volume of people attending the event was amazing (they were expecting 30,000 – the biggest turnout in the event’s 20 year history) **I read the day after that they had reached venue capacity by just after midday and had to stop door sales for awhile **

Had I planned this weekend better, I probably would’ve gone to both (or all three) days so that I could pack everything in and fully emerse myself in the geekdom. There was just too much to see – celebrity signings, gaming, wrestling and much more!!

First on my schedule was getting my photo taken with Karen Gillan. Standing in line with Doctor Who fans is so much fun – seeing all the 10th and 11th cosplayers, the Osgoods, 4th Doctors – all laughing and joking about about how freaking awesome it is that we get to meet THE Amy Pond!! Arrggghhh!!!

She was so awesome and friendly with everyone..she is so tall too. I hugged her 🙂

006Next, was the panel with Karen (hosted by the incomparable Rob Lloyd). Lead onstage by some amazingly costumed centurions Karen was her cute charming self (as were you Rob), answering all sorts of fan questions. She was asked about her time on Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy and what she doesn’t like about New Zealand (which she cleverly avoided lol). One of the best questions/statements put to her was “Do you realise you are now part of the two biggset franchises Doctor Who and Marvel?” – I don’t think anyone in the audience had thought about that before (let alone Karen and Rob). I can’t wait to see the new Guardians of the galaxy movie! Love your seal impression by the way Karen.

I wish I had the chance to interview her whilst she was here, but it just wasn’t plausible.

Rob was an amazing host too – they were just like two best friends having a gossip on the couch together (with an audience). Sadly I had to rush off to the autograph signing area and didn’t get time to speak to him like I had planned 😦

Did anyone go to his “Who, Me” performance on the Sunday? What did you think of it? 

My final appointment of the day was an autograph with Karen (yes it was more of a Karen-geddon day for me lol) – and to give her my gift.

Note to self: Get a Silver Pass next time to avoid standing in cues.

I was alittle nervous about giving her the Kiwi to be honest (“will she like it?”, “I hope she likes it”,”I hope she keeps it” etc.) But thankfully she genuinely looked liked she liked it – and was alittle surprised when she  realised it made noise lol….I wonder if she will check out my blog now…If you are…”Hi Karen, thanks for an amazing day!” 🙂

Then it was off to the airport, unfortunately bringing my first ComicCon experience to an end 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t really get a chance to check out all the stalls/exhibits fully  (which is good for my bank balance though lol)…although I did manage to score a cool Doctor Who book from @mightyape 🙂

I felt quite rushed and abit sad that I didnt get time to fully take in the whole experience but I had a fantastic day nonetheless and can’t wait till the next one…I better get saving!!!!

Also…Wellington Airport is amazing…

Thanks Armageddon Expo and Wellington for an awesome day 🙂

Check out for details of upcoming events



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