Skin of metal and a body that will never age or die. I envy it.

cybermen-yearsA parallel version of London, 2006. the rich are flying in Zeppelins overhead, people can download the news (and more) straight to their brain via ear pods (that would be kinda cool), and Pete Tyler is alive …..and wealthy (thanks to creating an energy drink that is just pop lol)!

A crippled multi-millionaire (Lumic) wishes to convince the President of Great Britain to transfer the human brain into a robotic body of pure steel – giving them immortality. Little does he know that Lumic has already started the process by ‘upgrading’ several of the city’s homeless and aims continue with the rest of London (and eventually the world) via the ear pods.

The Doctor and Rose decide to attend Jackie Tyler’s birthday celebration (was so funny to see that in this world Rose is a cute little dog), since the President and many other high-profile guests will be there and he may be able to find out more about the Pods. Disguised as catering staff,  they try to find out as much as possible. Before they know it however  Lumic’s “upgrades” arrive to crash the party (and the Doctor is horrified to see that these new upgraded people are in fact versions of one of his old enemies). Smashing their way into the house, the Cybers  kill the President before rounding up the rest of the guests to be ‘upgraded’.

Rose: [On the Cybermen] They’re people?

The Doctor: They were. Now they’ve had all their humanity taken away. That’s a living brain jammed inside a cybernetic body, with a heart of steel. All emotions removed.

Rose: Why no emotion?

The Doctor: Because it hurts.

Rose, the Doctor and Pete manage escape to outside but are inevitably surrounded.  They surrender,  claiming that they volunteer for the upgrade, but the Cybermen refuse; they are to “perish under maximum deletion.”

Yay, the Cybermen ar e back and they look AMAZING!! Although I haven’t seen any of the classic episodes yet I have seen pictures of the original Cybermen and my have they evolved. I love this new look!!

Torchwood References The newscast on Rose’s phone references a study released by “the Torchwood Institute” immediately after the story on Lumic’s return; Pete Tyler asks a guest “How’re things going at Torchwood?”



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