Age of Steel

Mickey Smith: “You’re just making it up as you go along!”
The Doctor: “Yup. But I do it brilliantly”

The Age of Steel follows up from the previous episode Rise of the Cybermen and is packed with action, humour and monsters by the bucketload.

As the Doctor and his ‘gang’ (Rose, Pete Tyler Mickey, Ricky and his group of rebels) figure out a way to stop the ‘upgrading’  of the entire population of London, Lumic himself realises the downside of his alliance with the Cybermen..

I feel that this episode was as much about Mickey as it was about the Cybermen. It was a real turning point for Mickey as he goes from zero to hero. He started off feeling completely unwanted or needed (with the Doctor focusing more of his attention on Rose it’s not surprising). When Mickey’s parallel universe counterpart, Ricky, dies at the metallic hands of the Cybermen, Mickey feels obliged to take his place. After so many episodes of his unrequited devotion to Rose, Mickey finally steps up and finds a purpose with his own ‘Scooby gang’ (It was quite cool when he exclaimed that he learned to fly a zeppelin by playing Playstation lol). His final emotional goodbye with Rose and the Doctor was sad but a great sendoff for the character. I wonder when (and where) we will see him again.

The new Cybermen are definitely threatening villains, evoking a feeling of “conform or die”. I also liked the concept that It isn’t superior firepower that beats them, but emotions –  allowing them to experience the trauma of what they’ve become  – that ultimately destroys them. Basically, the power of love wins. Awww.

I love the Cybermen so much that I just had to add this cute video:


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