Doctor Who The Fan Show – Christel Dee

Christel Dee has the best job ever!! Not only is she part of the Five Who Fans, but she is the host of BBC’s Doctor Who – The Fan Show where she gets to travel around to conventions meeting Whovians, cosplaying and chatting with the cast (super jealous!!!)

Check out this short video and my interview with the amazing Captain Christel below.

1) The Empty Child was your first Doctor Who episode, what about it drew you to becoming a Whovian?

I was 13 when I saw it and I found it very scary! It was like nothing else I had seen before on TV. I liked that it was so gripping but also I found the Doctor’s character intriguing and wanted to know more about this world!

2) Where can I get a job like yours? Lol. do you need a kiwi companion?

I’ve been making YouTube videos at conventions and about Doctor Who for some time. YouTube is a great way of getting your work out there. If people like what you do, they might approach you to work with them, just like the BBC did when they invited me to audition.

3) What are you most looking forward to in series 9? What are you hoping to see?

I’m really enjoying Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and can’t wait to see where he takes him. The trailer released at Comic Con looked amazing and I think there are going to be some very interesting stories ahead.

Christel4) What was it like meeting Peter Capaldi and David Tennant?

Only last August I waited dressed in cosplay with my friend to see Peter Capaldi wave from the balcony at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square at the Premiere of Deep Breath. To think last month I was sitting in a room with him asking him questions about Doctor Who! He was great to chat to and very engaging and polite. He’s a massive fan of Doctor Who so I think he really enjoyed geeking out that day.

I met David Tennant a few years ago at a convention. I had a quick photo with him. I didn’t get to say much but I remember he liked my 10th Doctor SB6 spacesuit cosplay!


5) Do you have a favourite episode?

I find it very hard to pick a favourite episode of Doctor Who because there are so many that I think are fantastic. But if I had to pick, I’d say Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, Remembrance Of The Daleks or The Five Doctors.

6) What’s next for the Doctor Who Fanshow?

This Friday’s episode looks at the world of Doctor Who comics in time for Doctor Who Comic Book day this weekend. Then we’ve some cool episodes lined up in the run up to Series 9 including interviews with Michelle, Jenna and some more from Peter too.

7) All of time and space, where would you most like to go and why?

I’d love to visit the 80s. I’m a bit obsessed with that era. I think it was such an interesting time socially, culturally and politically. But also pop-culturally – there were some amazing films, TV programmes and of course music. I think I’d see the Pet Shop Boys perform at Wembley in 1989. I’m a massive Pet Shop Boys fan and this was their first tour. I’ve watched the recordings on YouTube and it’s an absolutely magical performance.

8) Who would you most like to meet next?

I’d love to meet Sophie Aldred who played Ace. I recently watched all of her episodes with the Seventh Doctor and she’s very quickly become one of my favourite companions.

9) Favourite companion? Favourite enemy?

In the new series, Donna Noble. The Classic series, Ace. The Master is my favourite enemy.

10) What is it like meeting all those doctor who loving fans at conventions?

I’ve been attending conventions as a fan myself for nearly 10 years and cosplaying too. It’s always really cool to see people’s passion and enthusiasm at the conventions. Everyone has their own personal connection with the show and conventions bring people together from so many different backgrounds, ages, genders and nationalities. I love it.

Thank you SO much for your time Christel. I can’t wait to see where your next adventures will take you!

Check out the Doctor Who Fan Show:Christel & Sylvestor

Check out Christel:



2 thoughts on “Doctor Who The Fan Show – Christel Dee

  1. I love the picture of Christel Dee dressed up as Ace with 7th Doctor actor Sylvester McCoy next to her (must of bought back memories of being the iconic Timelord during the late 1980’s for Sylvester).


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