Companion Talk: Katy Manning

Katy Manning played the 3rd Doctor’s companion (although she had adventures with the 2nd Doctor, and the 11th too) Jo Grant from 1971 to 1973. She was the feisty, loyal, and capable UNIT co-operative who would not hesitate to put herself in danger to help others, most importantly the Doctor.

Although the Doctor seemingly rejected her at first,  the Brigadier himself asserted that the Doctor needed her as “someone to pass you test tubes and tell you how brilliant you are” (which seems to be the same for all future companions in my opinion)

JO and the DoctDuring her time with the Doctor she battled Autons, Daleks, killer daffodils, and time-eating monsters. She was miniaturised, hypnotised, flung through time, nearly aged to death, and menaced by giant maggots. Eek!!

In October 2010 she reprised her role in The Sarah Jane Adventures with Matt Smith and in 2013 was in the 50th Anniversary comedy the Five(ish) Doctor Reboot.

She has also done audio dramas for the Companion Chronicles and Big Finish.

I got the amazing opportunity to ask Katy some questions (it was so hard choosing them too lol).

What was your fondest memory of working on Doctor Who?

Too many fond memories to pick just one

dalekWhat was it like working with Jon Pertwee?

Jon was an absolute joy to work with, creative, adventurous, dedicated, disciplined, funny and affectionate. Couldn’t ask for more.

What do you think was the Scariest monster of your Who generation?

The Daleks as seen in ‘”Dalek” by Robert Shearman ! with no physical human connection and the Autons from “Terror of the Autons

Anywhere in time and space, where would you most like to go?

Absolutely everywhere

Thank you so much Katy 🙂


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