Are you sitting comfortably? Okay, then let’s begin

“I heard they rot your brains. Rot them into soup, and your brain comes pouring out of your ears. That’s what television does.”

Another period setting, another uncovering of a mysterious alien presence posing as something else.

1952, The Queen’s coronation, and everyone is getting cheap TV’s to witness the occasion.

idiots lanternIt’s another convenient “whoops, I got the place wrong yet we have arrived just in time to save the world” situation. This time, the Doctor and Rose are dressed like something out of Grease (too cute).

It’s time to save the viewers of London having their face/minds eaten by a banished energy creature calling itself the Wire.

I liked the scary gran upstairs banging on the floor. I thought it was quite freaky since she was so normal at the start of the episode.

We don’t really get to find out much about the Wire before the Doctor traps her in a betamax cassette restoring everyone back to normal just in the nick of time.

The episode seemed to concentrate more on the era and the other characters rather than explaining too much of the plot.

The Doctor getting angry after seeing that Rose has been transformed to a faceless zombie is brillant – even with the Elvis hair.

Overall, an okay episode.


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