Whovians TV

Whovians is an original web series, premiering in October 2015. Over six episodes, we follow the lives of four people- Andrew, Steph, Bradley, and Liam- who are all massive fans of Doctor Who.

You don’t have to be a fan of Doctor Who (or even know much about it) to be able to watch and enjoy Whovians. It’s an engaging comedy-drama, made with passion and enthusiasm by a small and dedicated team of people.

i managed to catch rhys jones ( the Director / Writer / Exec. Producer / Editor) between recordings for a quick interview.

exec_producers_writers1) How did you come up with the idea for the web series?

The original idea was to make a short film based on an Idea I had back in 2005, I was walking through Cardiff August 05 and came across the BBC filming the Christmas Invasion. What caught my eye was people camped out behind the barrier – sat on deck chairs, flasks, note books and cameras. All known by name to the security and the friendliest of people you could hope to meet. Passionate and full of character. So I wanted to make a short film about these fans and fandom.

Jump a ‘few’ years later – i had two friends who are incredible writers, Terrance Edwards I knew from School and Matthew Ford from University. Sat them in a room and introduced them and the web series was born, Episode 1 became a version of the original short film idea.

 IMG_47372) What is it all about?

The series is about four friends, all four from different lives and are friends through the love of the show. It is their stories, being 20-30 somethings living in Cardiff and being Whovians. Grounded in reality, loving the impossible.

3) Who is your favourite Doctor and when did you first become a Whovian?

My favorite Doctor? Well of course it’s Tom Baker, boring and predictable choice I’m sure – but he was my first Doctor growing up, I was a very young boy watching with my Mum. I love how alien he is and beyond us all in his performance. I have a special place for Sylvester McCoy as well – very under rated Doctor and stories.

4) What do you like about Doctor Who?

Doctor Who, is and always will be the pinnacle of Sci-FI. Nothing comes close to it – every week, a different subject, place and time that can set up whatever story that can be imagined. What is not to like? For me it is British drama at its best, family fun at its best and more importantly an Icon. The longest running Sci-FI TV series on Earth – how can you not like it?

5) What’s next for Whovian TV?main_cast_ep1

Next for Whovians TV – well we are currently finishing of filming Block 2, we wrap principal photography on August 30th. Then we hit the edit and the first episode goes live on October 31st. We have ideas for a second series – but that all depends if we find our audience.

Check out the Cast singing the Doctor Who theme.
Thank you so much for your time Rhys. I am so excited to see the series after hearing more about it. I really hope all the Whovians around the world get behind this project and help you get to series two (and beyond!!)

Make sure you check out the trailer on the 5th September!!


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