Doctor Who Legacy Interview

How did Tiny Rebel games and Doctor Who Legacy get started?

Lee – Tiny Rebel Games was started by husband by myself and my wife / business partner Susan after we had worked together on traditional “AAA” console games for many years. We decided we wanted to create our first mobile game around something we deeply loved, and very quickly we decided that would be Doctor Who.

How did you cogaming-doctor-who-legacy-screenshot-4me up with the idea for the game?

Lee – When we started discussing the world of Doctor Who with the guys at BBC Worldwide it became clear that we all wanted to take a much deeper dive into the canon of the show than most games do when they’re based on a TV show. We wanted to create an experience for all whovians, no matter which era they started watching the show in, or who they considered “their” Doctor. To accomplish something like this we had to make some fundamental decisions – characters would have to be drawn in 2D rather than be modeled in 3D, for example, since we wanted a cast of hundreds, and there would never be enough time to create them all in 3D. Susan and I had created a gem puzzle game in the past (Puzzle Kingdoms) and we were itching to do another (it’s a genre we love to play outside work), and when all those things collided, the core of Legacy was born.

What do you like about Doctor Who and who is your favourite Doctor?

Lee – I love the huge amount of canon and the incredible range of actors who have played the Doctor – any episode is a joy to watch if for nothing else other than seeing that Actor play the Doctor for a while. My favorite Doctor is the 8th =)

Susan – The rich stories, the wonderful actors — the fact that rarely is the Doctor truly fazed by anything — he always works it out, everything is always okay in the end. My favorite is the 10th.

Do you know of any Doctor Who cast members who play tnexusae0_34he game?

Susan -​Yes, we have lots of cast who interact with us on social media and events — Samuel Anderson, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jon Davey, Katy Manning, Tony Curran, Sophie Aldred, Ellis George, Ingrid Oliver, Noel Clarke have all checked out the game. I even got a chance to show it to Colin Baker recently which was awesome 🙂

Legacy has a strong presence on social media, how does the effect the game?

Susan –  It’s really fostered a sense of community in the game. Legacy is a single player game so social media has really provided a way to link our player community together to discuss strategies, provide suggestions and feedback, etc.

Series 9 is about to start this month with new characters and monsters, does the BBC let you know in advance of these so you can update the game to match?

Lee – We work closely with the BBC for a few months before the new episodes air to get up to speed with certain things so that we can launch new levels of the game immediately after the new episodes have aired. We’re eternally grateful for the massive amount of support and access we get off the BBC and the Doctor.

How long did thgaming-doctor-who-legacy-screenshot-5e game take to create?

Lee – The original version took around 9 months to design and create, however since then we’ve hugely expanded the scope of the game with tens of thousands of man hours of new code, art and gameplay.

What’s next for Tiny Rebel Games and Doctor Who Legacy?

Susan – We’ll continue to grow Doctor Who: Legacy as long as we have fans who love and support it. We’re about to embark on our big Season 9 weekly live content release plan with new levels and drops each weekend based on that weekend’s episode. Tiny Rebel Games is also working on FlatOut 4 and These Are Our Fears.

Thank you so much guys…now let’s get playing!!! Download the game now from iTunes, Android and Kindle.

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