We must feed, we must feed….you, if you are hungry

A brilliant mix of amusement, fear and tenderness all mixed up in a great two-parter

Space-age humans, ever curious, are digging beneath a remote and ancient planetoid, uncovering the relics of a lost civilization, while it orbits a deadly black hole.

New Monsters Alert!! ThOode Ood are amazing and superbly designed. I loved how Rose treated them as just like normal people and how horrified she was that the other people called them slaves. She somewhat her herself in them.

There is a whole new side to the Doctor and Rose’s relationship coming through now. After almost losing her to the Wire in the last episode , they seem alot closer and aren’t afraid to show their affection for each other.

It is suitable spooky in its atmosphere and it just gets better as the Doctor and Rose find themselves in a situation totally beyond their control (and beyond physics).

My favourite part of the episode would have to be when the Doctor hugs the Zach (acting Captain) just because they (as humans) made the decision to come and investigate this strange planet “because it was there”:

TOBY: There was some form of civilisation. They buried something. Now it’s reaching out, calling us in.
DOCTOR: And you came.
IDA: Well, how could we not?
DOCTOR: So, when it comes right down to it, why did you come here? Why did you do that? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because it was there. Brilliant. Excuse me, er, Zach, wasn’t it?
 ZACH: That’s me.
DOCTOR: Just stand there, because I’m going to hug you. Is that all right?
 ZACH: I suppose so.
DOCTOR: Here we go. Come on, then.
(The Doctor hugs Zach.)
DOCTOR: Oh, human beings. You are amazing! Ha! Thank you.

Speaking through the Ood, something dark and ominously sinister is coming from the centre of the plant…what is it? and can they get the TARDIS back so the Doctor won’t have to suffer through another horror of humankind…a MORTGAGE!!!! Arrrggghhh!!!!!


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