Whogirls.net is a news site for Doctor Who fans run by whovians Heather Maloney and Kerri Sharner – two cool chicks with a love for the doctor!!

1) What is Who Girls all about? 

Kerri: WhoGirls.Net is a fan site where we discuss “Doctor Who” news and fandom. We also attend conventions across the country and host many Doctor Who Panels.

2) How did it get started?

Heather: As a fan of the show, I was selected to be the National Doctor Who Examiner for Examiner.com. While I had fun writing articles, I wanted a more casual forum to discuss the show. My husband and friend Aaron started The Geek Port Podcast where I discuss a bit a “Doctor Who”. One day I decided that it would fun to have a “Doctor Who” only site and podcast. Two years later we are still going strong and better than ever.

3) What do you both like about Doctor Who?

Kerri: I like that “Doctor Who” is everything that’s good about Sci Fi and Fantasy all rolled into one.

Heather: I love that it is a fantastic journey where every single being is just as valued as everyone else. The Doctor is a father figure who you can picture yourself alongside in the TARDIS.

3) Who is your favourite WhoGirlsDoctor?

Heather: Patrick Troughton is my absolute favorite.

Kerri: I love love love Matt Smith.

4) Do you have a favourite episode?

Kerri: Angels Take Manhattan

Heather: The War Games

6) What are you hoping to see in Season 9?

Heather: David Tennant.. wait, I hope to see him everywhere I go. Seriously though, I am very interested to see how Capaldi’s appearance in Fires of Pompei is explained. Hopefully that will include more Tennant.
Kerri: I am hoping for the same thing. I want to see why The Doctor chose the face that he did.

image37) All of time and space, where would you most like to go and why?

Kerri: Paris, France on April 19, 1770 to see the marriage of Marie Antoinette to King Louis XIV at The Palace of Versailles.

Heather: That’s easy. I would go to the United States in 1901 and meet President Theodore Roosevelt. He is my personal hero. Maybe I can take Tennant with me…tee hee.

8) What’s next for WhoGirls?

Heather: We have been invited for the second year to host “Doctor Who” Panels at Salt Lake Comic Con and are now in the planning phases for that event.

Kerri: In addition, we are going to preview the new “Doctor Who” books from Broadway Books, which is going to be fun. We will be blogging and podcasting about them as well as the new “Doctor Who” Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers from Massive Audio.

9) How many Doctors and other cast members have you met?

Kerri: I have met Eight Doctor and Companions; my favorite was John Barrowman.

Heather: I have been in the fortunate position to moderate a handful of “Doctor Who” guests and also attend Gallifrey One in Los Angeles for the past five years. I would really like to meet Tom Baker as he is the only living Classic Doctor I have not yet met as well as David Tennant.

10) When did you first realise you were a Whovian?

Heather: That is a hard question. The moment I became a fanatic was the first time I watched The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances. It was perfection.

Kerri: It was the second I saw and heard Matt Smith in The End of Time. Watching The Eleventh Hour sealed my fate.


Thank you so much for your time Heather and Kerri. I am sooo jealous you got to meet Captain Jack himself and the other doctors!! Looking forward to hearing all about your next adventures and i really hope to meet you in person some day.

You can find out more about WhoGirls.net here:


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