Hello Sweetie….she’s back!! Why I love River Song

When I first that River Song (alex kingston) is coming back for the 2015 Christmas Special I was sooooo excited. I love her character and can’t wait to see how the dynamic between her and the 12th Doctor will play out.

She’s brave, loyal, fiercely protective of the Doctor (although he finds her completely crazy and reckless) and the only person who knows his real name.

Her outfits are amazing too..IMG_5686and highly functional – hiding a myriad of gadgets from hallucinogenic lipstick and weapons disguised as earrings. A highly skilled gun-fighter, and highly experienced archaeologist she is not to be missed with!!

Her relationship with the Doctor is completely backwards meeting up with him in the wrong order – her future is his past (and I thought my relationship was complicated!).

When she first appeared in Silence in the Library I was completely hooked by the fact that she knew the Doctor in the future – who was this crazy lady and how could she know the Doctor so well?  When and where would she next appear?

In each episode she appears in, she really steals the show. She has so much knowledge about the Doctor and how to fly the TARDIS (correctly). The simple fact that she is part of his future and is very close to him holds a great mystery – just what crazy adventures are inside that diary of hers?

The fact she is only one who knows the secret of the Doctor’s name is so tantalizing. How did you find out? What regeneration of the Doctor did they actually meet for the FIRST time? This was the secret that brought them together through so many lives of the Doctor. Their bond is sealed by this, he trusts her forever and in turn we as fans trust her and thus is such an important character.

Will all the secrets that River Song holds be known to us eventually ??

And the flirtation between them? Whoa. Lol. She taunts him, teases him, talks back to him and yet still manages to boost his ego. She is even more of a timelord than him at times, flying the TARDIS correctly and having more cool gadgets. She has somewhat of an authority over/with him. I think that this side of River puts some people off her – but I love it. His reactions to her behaviour are so funny and cute. It makes her so relatable and modern.

She’s beyond the IMG_5682definition of any other of the Doctor’s companions (not that she is classed as an ‘companion’. She is probably the closest we have to a female Doctor at this stage). Her personality, her clothes all culminate into such a believable, lovable character that is so interesting to watch and makes you keep watching. To see the Doctor up against this woman who looms over him, showing superior knowledge with such attitude and personality – knocking him for a six in the process – is Soooo fun to watch.

Alex Kingston is such an awesome casting choice. She completes the role sooooo well. I totally wish she had her own spinoff series showing what adventures she gets up to without the Doctor.

That fact that she is eventually revealed at Amy and Rory’s daughter was jaw-dropping when I first saw it. That storyline was so incredibly well done and so well-woven into the web.

She crosses borders….from the 10th Doctor to the 11th Doctor, yet she is still such a strong influence to him.. What would it had been like had she met the 9th Doctor?  She understands the Doctor, and what it is to be a TimeLord, to regenerate etc.

What does the futures hold for the Professor River Song?

Now it has been revealed that she is back for the Christmas Special I think her interaction with the upcoming, Capaldi-driven; Twelfth Doctor could be incredibly interesting to watch. I’d love to see yet another Doctor’s dynamic with her, we might see a different side to her completely.

WeIMG_5684 certainly need to see her with one or two more Doctors – to establish the fact she has known several faces of him.

I can’t wait to see how Capaldi and River interact. I think that she would give him a good slap (literally and figuratively) to get rid of his broodiness and relax and have fun.

River Song, to me, truly is a delight to watch and can’t wait till Christmas to see what is in store.

I’d love to hear your own thoughts on River Song!




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