The Magician’s Apprentice

skaro 1For the most part, the only words that were going through my head during this premiere episode was “Duuuuuude, What the Hell??” (or words to that effect lol).

Child Davros is trappehandminesd in amongst hand-mines (these were so freaking scary looking and will have me watching me where I stand where I stand for a while) pleading for a strange man in a blue box to save him…Then there’s Missy’s return, a weird snake-man searching for the Doctor (was cool seeing the Ood and Judoon etc in one bar – somewhat reminiscent of that scene in Star Wars) – who himself is rockin’ out playing guitar and riding on a tank???…Arrrggghhhh!!!!! Explain!!! Explain!!

There are so many elements to this episode that are insanely cool. The appearance of Davros alone would have been enough fuel to fill an episode, but add in all the other elemen ts and WOW!!

But what is what exactly is Missy’s deal? Is she good? Is she bad? Whatever she is, she is awesome!! Freezing all the aircraft in the sky to get the world’s attention, then sending UNIT a text signal using the (however slightly altered) lyrics of a 1980s pop song) – genius!! She is so evil, yet so carefree about it. She loves the spotlight – even groping the unmentionables of Daleks. I love the intellectual to-and-fro she has with the Doctor – some weird crazy flirting/love to hate relationship. The best of frenemies.

After the hanGenesis-of-the-Daleks-davrosd-mine incident, The Doctor is forced is confront the question that he has been running from for years during ‘Genesis of the Daleks’

 ‘If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you, and told you that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives… could you then kill that child?’

What will he do? What would you do?

The Doctor himself seems more relaxed this season, even adopting a less severe (and more crazy) haircut – along with a very stylish hoodie. He no longer seems so broodish, and is alot more open to hugs and to partying…duuuuude!!!

Clara is abit different too, more independent as less of a side-kick. She really needs to dump that teaching job and get herself fully employed by UNIT. I feel like she is becoming loss of a companion and more of her stand-alone Time Lady.

Of course Missy and Clara can’t really be dead (yes Clara is confirmed as leaving, but in the first episode??? Come on!!!!), but it’s still a awesome cliffhanger, as the Doctor is forced to answer that question (after Missy, Clara AND his precious TARDIS were zapped) and finally we are faced with the dark image of our hero pointing a weapon at a child – Child Davros.


DOCTOR: I’m going to save my friend the only way I can…..Exterminate!

Could he? Will he? Would you? Who knows? (To avoid ANY spoilers, I quickly changed channel before any glimpse of given of next weeks episode)

What I can be certain of is, if this episode is any hint as to what lies ahead for Series 9…then bring it on!!! It is fun, unmistakably Doctor Who and, like it’s guitar-playing hero…is going to ROCK!!!

What did you enjoy about this episode?



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