Interview with Daniel Hoffman-Gill (aka Bors)

BorsHe will be forever known by Whovians as the guy who had an “Axe Battle” against the Doctor  – Daniel Hoffman-Gill. Last on our screen playing a pirate in the hilarious comedy Galavant, Daniel appeared in the latest series of Doctor Who as Bors in both The Doctor’s Meditation and the Magician’s Apprentice…will we be seeing more of him? I tracked him down to ask.

What was it like on the set of Doctor Who and working work Peter Capaldi (and the rest of the cast and crew)?

Incredible, Peter was very generous and kind bors3and a joy to work with. The same goes for his excellent co-stars, I got to tell Michelle Gomez that I have a huge crush on her and the whole team behind the show. Hettie is a super director, giving time and space to rehearse and hone what is to be filmed. This isn’t always the case when acting for screen. A total pleasure.

When you first got to see the script of the episode how did you feel about your character being turned into a Dalek?

Initially I was very excited, it was a two for one, getting to play a version of an iconic villain and a friend of the Doctor. But when the episode drew closer, it felt somehow as if I was letting the legion of fans down by being part-Dalek.

How long did the Dalbors dalekek prosthesis take to apply and what was it like to wear?

A couple of hours, was fine to wear, made the head feel heavy but soon got used to it.

The scene of you having the “axe battle” with the Doctor is epic and will probably go down in Whovian history as one of the best ever – What was it like filming that?

A lot of the battle lead up we shot ended up being cut, me waving my axe and screaming all kinds of things. It was truly memorable to face down a large tank as it trundled towards me, it been ridden by the Doctor only added a certain piquant. There was a lot of dry ice.

All of time and space, where would you most like to travel to and why?

The distant future, to see a world where we make energy from nothing, have cured all disease and are channeling new energy sources to explore the universe and expand our knowledge our how the multiverse works.

What are you working on next?bors and doctor

I am part of a sketch troupe called This Glorious Monster, we’ll be performing in London again soon and honing our debut Edinburgh show before Christmas.

Any hints as to whether we will see you in Doctor Who again?

My lips are sealed.

Who is your favourite Doctor?

Tom Baker. My first one as a nipper, his performance stayed with me and also, I see him now and then in Tenterden in Kent, where my parents also live.


Thank you so much for your time Daniel. I hope that we do see you with the Doctor again soon.

Following Daniel on Twitter @danielh_g


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