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the 3 doctorsever since I was little i have loved comic books, and now that I have rediscovered my love of doctor who i thought i’d check out titan comics, and wow!! the detailed pictures, the stories etc. are whomazing!!! I sort out one of the artists (rachael stott) to learn more.

When did you first start drawing comics?Rachael

When I was very very young, whilst in Primary school. There’s a British comic for young children called the ‘Beano’ [OMG I totally loved this comic too!!], and I used to draw my own stories using those characters. It’s the only job I’ve ever wanted (aside from occasional dabbling as a kid with wanting to be an astronaut or an archaeologist!)


How did you get involved with Doctor Who and Titan Comics?

I had a table for the first time at a con, London Super Comic Con, in March of 2015, and I was approached by one of the Titan editors who’d been following me on Twitter and seen some of my Doctor Who fan art. They then invited me to visit the office and offered me a job working on the 12th Doctor book. Very exciting to go from one franchise I love (Star Trek) to another.


What is the process of drawing/creating the comics?

I receive the script from my editor, then I do very rough pencilled layouts of how I want the composition of the page to look –  so thinking about angles, perspective, panel size, etc. Then I use that as a guide to do a blue ‘penciling’ layer (I work digitally, which means drawing onto a tablet), and then ‘ink’ over the top. There’s a vid of me doing it here: [Wow!!]

Then it gets sent to another artist who colours it, and then someone else who adds the word balloons on top.


Do you know of any cast and crew who read the comics and have you met any?

Not yet! I’d love to though. Occasionally I’ll have a Who writer or director like something on Twitter, which as a fan is very exciting.

Whaunnamed3t do you like about Doctor Who?

I just love how it’s like nothing else on television. If you try to explain it to someone, you realise that it’s totally bonkers. A time travelling alien..in a policebox…who changes his face and flies around having fun and occasionally saving entire species just for the thrill of it? But I also love how shamelessly moral it is. So much of our media is centered around solving your problems by meeting force with force, punching your enemies to defeat them, but Doctor Who is about trying to understand things which are different to ourselves, the joyous pursuit of knowledge, and the idea that any problem can be solved by using your mind and your heart(s) as a guide.

Who is your favourite Doctor?

The 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi


How long does it take to draw each comic?

It takes a day to draw a page.

All of time and space, where would you most like to go?unnamed2

The future! I like the speech the 9th Doctor gives in ‘The end of the world’, where he says about how we’re so caught up in thinking about how we’re going to be killed by eggs or global warming or whatever that we never stop to consider that maybe we survive. I’m pretty optimistic for earth’s future, although maybe I’m just watching too much Star Trek!If I went to the past I’d love to visit NASA in the 60’s, during those pioneering space missions.

What’s your next project?

I’m on the 12th Doctor from December until…? Who knows? *nose tap*

Who is the easiest Doctor to draw?

Twelve. His face is naturally well-suited to my style. Maybe that’s why he’s my favourite

Thank you so much for your time Rachael. Your work is amazing and I can’t wait to see more of you work!!

You can follow Rachael on:

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