Episode Review: Before The Flood

Before the Flood

After the appearance of the Doctor’s ghost at the end of the last episode the big question to be answered here was how did he become a ghost and how will he survive…

I loved the opening sequrocking doctorence of this episode. It doesn’t jump straight into the action but instead we are grant a special treat…The Doctor speaking to us, the audience directly to try to explain the “Bootstrap Paradox” using a story about Beethoven’s 5th. It made the episode feel personal and really got you involved in the story…well…it did for me anyway.

And yes it really was Capaldi playing guitar in the opening credits….is there anything this man can’t do??

The Fisher King was also a great villain for this episode. He was so huge. A totally intimidating presence (no surprise that the actor playing him/it is the UK’s tallest man – Neil Fingleton).  The moment where he was stalking the Doctor, Bennett, and O’Donnell was really intense. The Fisher King also has one of the greatest alien designs this show has ever had lately. I really hope we get to see more of his species in the future because that design was way too good for just a one-off appearance.

The Doctor does tend to be a hypocrite at times, changing the rules to suit himself – it’s alright if some fangirl dies (i.e. O’Donnell), can’t change time there, but heaven forbid one of his friends should meet the same fate. Screw the rules then..lol.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are proving to be the best Doctor-companion pairing this show has seen since its revival (as far as I have watched anyway). They bounce off of each other wonderfully well, but also completely sell the serious moments too. Clara is not so much in the foreground as she was last season, and I love that. I’m fully on board with these two and am super exciting to be able to just sit back and watch them fly through time and space as fast as they possibly can.

Oh, I almost forgot – The Doctor mentioned in Under The Lake that he took apart the TARDIS radio to build a clockwork squirrel. Guess what’s sitting on his amp when he plugs in the guitar? hehehe – can someone make these please – I so want one!!

clockwork squirrel

And there also a nod to Star Wars with Prentis’ card business card showing “May the remorse be with you”.


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