Episode Review: Under The Lake

Under the Lake

“Every time I think it can’t get more extraordinary it surprises me. It’s impossible. I hate it. It’s evil, it’s astonishing.  I want to kiss it to death!”

I really liked the whole concept of the “after and before” of this two-parter. The storyline was a really interesting one, and was also great to see a deaf actress (Sophie Stone) too.

The prompt cards Clara had for the Doctor was hilarious  – Capaldi is truly back to his ‘matter of fact ways – still finding it hard to counsel with us ‘pudding brains’. Not only that but having  Peter Andres “Mysterious Girl” stuck in your head for two weeks?…..genius (that would be pure torture for anyone!!).

The new monsters (or ghost?) are instantly memorable. They’re scary, mysterious and horrifying (Also being in an underwater base gives them and the remaining crew no means of escape from them…eeeek!!). They have an incredibly creepy and eerie presence, their misty forms and large, empty eye sockets sent shivers down my spine. The explanation for them was very sci-fi with alien writing planting a signal in your subconscious that plays out so that you’ll become a ghost and constantly recount the signal following your death. We already know how Moran and Pritchard died, but what about the suited man?? Who is he and where did he come from??

Its Doctor Who to its very core – The Doctor and his companion in a different place, in a different time with a new enemy to defeat….Love it!!!!

The ending tells us that the Doctor will die at some point next week…eeeek!! The very sight of his ‘ghost’ floating was sooooo eerie. But we know that he doesn’t actually die…so what does it mean?



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