Episode Review: The Woman Who Lived


“What took you so long old man”

Maisie Williams is exceptional! In this episode she totally brings a far stronger, literally more grown up performance. The Doctor does indeed take more of a sidekick role.

Besides the Lion Man trying to destroy Earth, at the core of this episode was the relationship between Ashildr and the Doctor and the impact he’s had on her long long long  life.

It was really  interesting to see that the consequences of The Doctor’s actions aren’t always as positive as they first appear. The cheerful young girl from before has now become bitter and angry as she has come to see just how short normal human lives are she has stopped seeing any value in them… or at least that is what it appears.

A scene that really stood out to me was “Me” talking about why she forgets details about her life and has had to keep diaries/journals. An infinite life with a mortal memory. It makes a lot of sense; and it only makes the concept of immortality all the more sad and somewhat tragic. It was nice to see “Me’s” excitement for life revived by the end.

I have a feeling that this won’t be the last we see of her this season. Her ominously smiling at Clara in the background of Clara’s selfie seems to be a huge bit of foreshadowing for the character’s return at some point.

Since this season’s arc seems to be revolving around the hybrid Davros spoke of, is it Me? Will she be an enemy for the Doctor to face or will she become a new ally? Either way I hope Maisie comes back for a recurring role.

Steven Moffat discusses Ashildr and Jack Harkness  (I really hope Jack makes a return sometime soon too).

The small end scene with Clara was cleverly done too, you could see the emotions the Doctor had seeing her, he knows the fate that awaits her (“How many have you lost? How many Claras?” – Ashildr).




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