Whovian Interview: Glen Walker

“A Doctor Who fan in the bottom of New Zealand, on the far side of the world from the BBC, Doctor Who, and Peter Capaldi. Could it be less likely that they could actually meet. Well, through some adventures in time, with a Dalek, TARDIS, Cyberman and other friends, our FAN might just make that connection after all….” [description on Glen’s YouTube Channel]

Being a fellow Kiwi Whovian I just had to check out Glen’s videos and they are awesome!! I am in exactly the same mindset when it came to the possibility of meeting Peter Capaldi. Should I go? How can I meet him? What would I wear? What would I say if I actually got the chance to meet him?

Check out his first video here….

What do you love about Doctor Who? When did you first become a Whovian?

So many things, that could be an essay on its own! The format of the show allows for each new story to take place in any time or place and that makes every story possible. The show should never get stale and the adventures we follow the Doctor on can encompass every genre and emotion and type of excitement. How can you not love that?

I remember watching the show as a very young child (4? 5?) and have vivid memories of Inferno with Jon Pertwee. The growling green monsters created by oozing swarfega mesmerised me. Became a big fan in ’88 when I discovered there were books covering stories (and Doctors!) I’d never heard of. That summer at the library was like one big Christmas…

Who is you favourite Doctor?

Truly can’t answer. Pertwee was my first but Tom Baker was my favourite for a long long time. Eccelston is a simply stunning actor and (along with Billie) made us fall in love with the character is so many new ways but Tennant created so much that is wonderful. A merge of 3/4/9/10/12 with a sprinkle of Smith, McCoy and Troughton?

Who do you think should be the next companion?

Someone we’ve never heard of is usually a good plan. Billie Piper excepted. I think the show works best when the companion is the audience substitute and has fears and weaknesses but is helped to overcome them and bravely save the day. Jo Grant and Sarah-Jane, rose and Amy were great at this – you don’t want the companion to be helping flying the TARDIS or seemingly too comfortable or arrogant (sorry Clara) because we can’t relate to that experience in the same way.

How do you come up with the ideas for your videos?

I’ve been making replica props since 2003 (my first full-size TARDIS was very nearly the prototype for the one to be in the show when it came back – photos of my box were shown to the producers and approved but….stuff happened) and it finally occurred to me that I could make some  videos to show them off.

I’d dearly love to meet someone from the show and I wanted to try to meet Steven Moffatt and beg for a writing job but the idea morphed into Peter Capaldi and I figured that if the videos were popular the BBC Festival folk might be able to make it happen. Haven’t heard from them though… 🙂

How are you enjoying series 9 so far?

I have had mixed feelings so far, to be honest. I LOVE having the show on air, especially after the long waits between series. Their stories haven’t all impressed me but Capaldi’s Doctor is stunning – he elevates anything he is given to do.

What are you most looking forward to seeing at the Australian Doctor Who Festival?

Steven Moffatt, Peter Capaldi and Billie Piper for sure. Everyone else is coming is cream on the top but it will be amazing to see them. I’m also very keen on the writing session, the Props they’re bringing and….everything else?

strong>Will you be vlogging / recording from the festival?

They’re not keen on video recording at the Festival but I’m hoping to get a few moments recorded and use them as a finale in my Meeting Peter Capaldi series. I’d love to record the whole day, show it all to be friends who can’t go, and try to live it over a few more times but that may not be practical…

Are you going to attend the Peter Capaldi evening here in New Zealand too?

No, I’m in Christchurch and holding the Capaldi in conversation session in Auckland after working hours when I’ve just taken time off to go to Sydney is too hard. I really wrestled with myself about going to one or the other and Sydney won out. It would be nice to see more events like this in NZ but I’m sure everyone thinks the same about wherever they live. Apart from those luckily Londoners and Cardiff-ians(?).

As a fellow KIwi Whovian, how do you think we can get more Doctor Who stars to  come to NZ?

Creating events and inviting them as Armageddon does is probably our best means at the moment. Ideally we’d see the show get more popular in NZ by switching it to one of the major channels and being exposed to a lot more people, showing the BBC our interest would be great. Failing that, convincing Sir Peter Jackson to find a slot to direct an episode might have spin-offs too.

I really think Doctor Who should do an adventure here in New Zealand, what would you like to see as a storyline?

Oh, so many options! I’d love to write a story for Doctor Who (just like 18,750 other wanna-bes) so if we were doing a local storyline, hmm…

  • An enormous hole opens in the Earth leading down to a buried space-ship, what’s inside, and since when?
  • 2215: The UV radiation farm orbiting above Bluff has been hijacked by terrorists and they’re going to burn up part of the country below unless….
  • Moas are being genetically re-created in a lab (ala Jurassic Park) but it all goes wrong and we quickly discover why they all had to be killed to start with..

The Australian Doctor Who Festival is just a few days away, are you super excited? Are you all packed? Will you be Cosplaying? What are you taking with you (Doctor Who wise)? Have you got everything all planning/scheduled out? (Yes I am SUPER jealous!! lol).

Getting excited! We didn’t pay for any luggage on the flights so no cosplaying unless I can think of something super light and easy. Zip on forehead? Have only just got some info on what is going to be on, when so this weekend I’ll be trying to plan how to get the most out of the day. I was lucky enough to snag (well, buy) a photo-op with both Capaldi and Piper so I will technically be meeting them and am going to spend most the next week nervous about that and what to say during our 4 seconds together. Probably nothing but they’ll know what I mean, I’m sure.

What does the future hold for Glen Walker aka Kiwi Doc?

Who knows (tapping my nose knowingly).

Thank you so much for your time Glen. I can’t wait to see what you think of the Australian Doctor Who Festival and what will happen when you do (finally) get to meet Peter.
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