Hello Space Boy!! – Review of the Peter Capaldi in Conversation

DSC01906It’s been 3 days now and I am still a mixture of happiness and sadness as the Doctor Who in Conversation is now over. I am still buzzing about the whole thing however, and for good reason…I met him in person and the man hugged me and knows my name AND has a gift I designed!!! Squeeee!!!!

Let me start at the beginning of the evening….

Although it wasn’t a sell-out like I had hoped there was still A LOT of people attending – young and old, Daleks, Tom Baker’s, Matt Smith’s, Clara’s and a whole array of Doctor Who t-shirts, and much more.

My friend Dylan and I had amazing seats – although his were slightly better being front row, centre (jealous lol).

Before he came onstage we were entertained by the great Adam Spencer catching some latecomers unawares with hilarious consequences.

And then it began….

A large screen above the stage floor played an array of clips of all the previous doctors – their adventures and regenerations before BOOM!!.. The man himself appeared in a puff of smoke..

And let me tell you, I screamed and clapped (and yes tears were shed) so hard!! (as did everyone else lol).


As the title of the event suggests, the show consisted of Peter and Adam seated on stage discussing all things Doctor (and a lot more) – They even had a tiny TARDIS on the table between them.

Alongside the discussion were clips of Steven Moffatt talking about Peter’s role as the Doctor, the monsters, as well as showing various scenes and segments of Doctor Who.

So many secrets were revealed and much was learned about this amazing man. Moving about in his chair (his pants were riding up apparently lol) and waving his hands around (as he does), his smooth Scottish accent seemed to have the audience in complete awe (I was anyway).

Even sitting there watching him my lil brain still couldn’t quite comprehend that this man was just a few feet away from me.

It was so interesting to hear his thoughts about his role in the Fires of Pompeii episode as well as how he (and his family) handled hearing the news that he had been cast as the Doctor.

After hearing all he had to say I am totally going to watch his earlier works including the Three Musketeers (just to see his beard) and The Thick of it (to watch him run, and curse too lol).

How did Peter come up with the Doctor’s ‘style’? Apparently it’s pretty much his own normal clothes which is sooo cool. He has awesome style.

Thankfully there was an intermission part way though the show so I had time to hurriedly write down notes before I forgot them (god knows what the lady sitting next to me thought when I quickly got out my handy-dandy notebook and scribbled as fast as I could lol).

I cannot speak more highly of the MC either. The crowd loved him. He was jovial, energetic and really kept everyone amped the whole night.
An interesting story of the night was when Peter invited Matt to a café one day not long after he had started at Doctor Who to get some advice. Matt scared him by turning up on crutches saying “the job” (being the Doctor) had done this to him..Turns out, he had just had surgery on his knee, the same surgery the Peter just had a few weeks ago for the same ailment. Peter puts it down to the running and suddenly turning/pivoting on one leg – putting a lot of pressure and stress o that knee. He wholeheartedly suggested calling it “Zygon’s knee” lol. Ouch, sounds like being the Doctor is hard work!!!

Another big highlight of the show, was getting to see an extended preview of this Sunday’s episode – “Heaven Sent” …and WOW..it looks so dark and scary. The Doctor looks terrified and alone, and trapped….Eeekk!!

Not surprisingly, Jenna’s leaving was discussed and her final scene was reshown – much to the sadness of the audience (it had only been shown two days prior so was pretty fresh in everyone’s heart). I’d say a few people even cried, I almost did.

DSC01920During the second part of the night we were treated to “Question Time”. Pre-selected audience questions were asked of The Doctor and he in turn asked them questions (taken from the Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Game – I so want this game!!). It was such a great addition to the night, and was awesome to see how passionate and knowledgeable his fans are – he seemed really impressed (as did the MC).

At the conclusion of the night, we were treated to Peter reading the speech from the Zygon Inversion episode. It was a magical moment. The audience was dead quiet as Peter read. He walked around like a motivational speaker gesticulating and sinking deeper into the Doctor character. The feeling of awe was in the air.

As he finished, we all rose to our feet to give him much a very much deserved standing ovation, as he waved and walked offstage.

As the crowd were clearing my friend and I raced to the backstage door in hopes of seeing him one last time (and give him our gift), Our prayers (and dreams) were answered when security told us he will be coming out for photos and signatures (OMG!!!!!).

I grabbed paper, pen and my phone and waited near the front…then he appeared…. I patiently and BANG!! The host had grabbed my phone was taking photos for me while Peter had his arm around me signing…”Is this real life??:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was flabbergasted to say the least (and still am when I look back at the photos).

Dylan had this photo taken next and managed to quickly hand our gift to him, which he thanks us both for (Squeee!!!!).

Peter's Gift

I was starstruck as frak!!! And my photos show it…such a nerdy lil grin on my face lol.

Apparently he spent an hour or so with his fans taking photos and signing…what an awesome guy!!

Other highlights of the night included:

  • Upon getting the call that the had landed the role as the Doctor, he was unable to tell anyone. To help combat his excitement, he would walk around singing the Doctor Who theme tune in his head.
  • At the Australian Doctor Who Festival, Peter, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss participated in a Doctor Who Pub Quiz – they came 3rd – The winners were a group of 15 year olds.
  • During the axe battle scene of the Witch’s Apprentice, he was actually playing the Doctor Who’s theme tune – the other music was dubbed over the top.
  • Peter’s daughter used to walk Michelle Gomez’s dog.
  • If The Doctor had a playlist it would include the Killers, David Bowie and more.
  • For the big spoon-swordfight in Robot of Sherwood, Peter was given the “cane, umbrella” training by a member of the crew.
  • During the filming of the Fires of Pompeii he crept onto the set of the TARDIS and took photos (even though he knew he wasn’t supposed to).
A massively huge THANK YOU to:
  • Peter for coming to New Zealand
  • The BBC for bringing him here
  • Adam Spencer for being a spectacular MC
  • And the auckland Civic Theatre for hosting such a truly memorable event

We all hope he returns soon (with a festival/convention) and that he and his family have a fantastic holiday here in New Zealand.


4 thoughts on “Hello Space Boy!! – Review of the Peter Capaldi in Conversation

  1. Fantastic!!! What an amazing night you had!!! Thanks heaps for the recap. Wonderful that you got to spend that time with him and get those photos. Very jealous! Congrats. Let’s hope more of this stuff comes to lil ol’ NZ!!!!!


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