The other day my friend Dylan sent me a picture to my phone, my heart skipped a beat. I ran out to my mailbox to see if anything had arrived for me.

There, in our dinged up mailbox was a cream coloured envelope addressed to me. My hands started to shake, I almost didn’t want to open it for fear of being disappointed. I held it carefully and proceeded slowly to open it without ripping the envelope or anything inside…

And there is was…. words, written in black ink..words written by a legend of a man to ME!! I was speechless. This man had taken time out of his busy schedule (and family holiday) to write to ME! What the?? Yes i had included my address on a card inside the gift bag we had handed him, but I didn’t really think it would actually happen.. But there it was in my shaking hand..(now it is safely sealed inside an album).

Peter Capaldi Letter

The man knows my name and where I live!!! (listens out for the sound of the TARDIS)

I knew that Peter had an impressive reputation in dealing with mail from his fans but this is just above and way beyond for me and a MASSIVE deal for any Whovian fan. I REALLY REALLY hope he comes back to New Zealand soon.


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