Whovian Interview: Raine Szramski


Raine’s Doctor Who artwork (as well as her other stuff of course) is absolutely amazing. I wanted to know more about how long these detailed pictures take to do and what she loves about Doctor Who.

Your artwork is amazing, how long does each one take to do?

It depends: I finished the David Tennant picture in three days, and Matt Smith’s (the last) took me a couple of weeks! It depends on if I’m on a roll and how much time I have to work straight through.

Sometimes I need to give a picture a couple days’ rest so I can go back and look at it with fresh eyes so I can find mistakes or things that need to be fixed up a bit more.

How are they created?

They start as sketchbook drawings that I then photocopy from my sketchbook and enlarge on a photocopier. I then trace my photocopy (by light-box) onto vellum bristol paper for painting. (All very old-fashioned.)
They’re painted with acrylic gouache paints and waterproof ink pens. I usually paint over the ink lines, but they’re there to help me determine how thick and thin I need to make outlines.

When I finally get the painting done, I photograph it and go into Photoshop with it and make little adjustments. I call it “cleaning it up” because there is always one cat hair that manages to get in the paint. Always.

What is your next project?

I was told Paul Darrow (from Blake’s 7) liked some of my artwork, so I’m planning to do a picture of Avon! Also, as far as Doctor Who goes, I’ve been asked if I was going to do a Peter Cushing Dr. Who and that’s something I’d love to do to complete the set. (I’m a big Peter Cushing fan.) Also a Shalka Doctor with Richard E. Grant. Then… probably Masters and Companions. (That sounds like a Patrick O’Brian naval adventure).All this around my “regular” cartoon and illustration work, of course!

Who is your favourite Doctor?

Ooh! First, let me say that I love them ALL. Each has their own individual qualities that are endearing. Having said that, I have sentimental favorites. My first Doctor was Jon Pertwee and I had a little crush on him as a small girl watching Doctor Who for the first time. It must have been the velvet coats. That said, I also love Paul McGann’s more Byron-esque Doctor because I love 19th Century art and literature and he had quite a gothic TARDIS. Also: velvet coats.
But I’d have to say that Patrick Troughton jumped right to the top of my favorite Doctor list the more episodes I finally got to see. Of all the Doctors, I think he was the sweetest and probably the safest to travel with. (He had a very low companion mortality rate.)
And Peter Capaldi–let’s just say he’s amazing. All of his work on Doctor Who so far has been phenomenal. And of course: velvet coats.

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What do you like about Doctor Who?

I like that it’s such a crazy mix of genres in one show. There’s something for everyone and you can tell virtually any story and somehow have the Doctor popping in and interfering.

Who do you think should be the next companion?

I’m partial to Osgood myself. I thought she and Twelve had such great chemistry. But I would also love to see a male companion again like Jamie. Or a little tight TARDIS team like the Second Doctor had. That worked brilliantly.


Have any of the Doctor Who cast/crew seen your work?

Yup, quite a few now. I’m lucky to have friends who go to conventions or shows I can’t possibly get to because I live an ocean away and they sometimes show the actors my artwork to sign. The most surprising was my photographer friend Sandra attending a presentation with John Hurt and then Sir John asking if she had an extra copy of my sketch of the War Doctor. I nearly died when she told me this. (She had one, luckily.)
Russell T. Davies recently saw my Edgar Allan Ood picture. (Long story, but my friend Sandra adores Oods and I frequently draw them for her doing ridiculous things.)


Anywhere in time and space, where would you most like to travel to and why?

Ooh… I’d love to meet the Pre-Raphaelite painters. And maybe John Keats.

Thanks so much for your time raine 😄

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