“On Pain Of Death, No one take a selfie!”

So many emotions from watching this scene ūüė¶

What a complete whirlwind of a finale – Gallifrey, the return of Clara and Ashildr, the end of the universe, the diner from the Impossible Astronaut and SO many reference to previous episodes! Also Weeping Angels, Daleks and Cybermen.

It was completely insane!! But sooo well done!!

Hell Bent drops some major emotion from start to finish. With the Doctor seeming to not even recognise (or even know) Clara in the Diner we are wondering “What the hell is happening??”

It all becomes clear along the way that although the Doctor is back in Gallifrey and dealing with the Timelords, the episode is more about the Doctor and Clara and the lengths that he would go to when he just might be able to save her.

old tardis
The good ol’ Classic TARDIS. Gotta love the ’round things’

It was alittle hard to comprehend the whole¬†“Clara being saved from the raven” thing at first but it all worked extraordinarily well. Yes she will have to face her death eventually, but for now she’s running (with Me in her¬†own awesome TARDIS!!) – much like the Doctor does – Will¬†there be a new spin-off?? I hope so!!

Many may be disappointed that more wasn’t said or done with the TImelords¬†but I was fine with it. After being trapped in that confession dial for¬†4 billion years (!!!) it is highly understandable that¬†the Doctor is¬†more focused on bringing his best friend back to life than have a big confrontation with the Timelords.

new sonic
The new Sonic Screwdriver!! Looks awesome!! What do you think?

You can just see (and feel)¬†the heartbreak in Clara’s eyes when the Doctor tells her, unbeknownst, that he would know Clara¬†the minute he saw her, yet has no idea that she is right there in front of him (awwwww).