Whovian Interview: KiwiClara

Clara and Peter CapaldiI saw this  chickie at the recent Peter Capaldi evening (dressed in an awesome clara cosplay) in Auckland and just had to find out more about her.

When did you first start cosplaying?

I first cosplayed as Clara Oswald for the 2013 Wellington Armageddon – Sylvester McCoy was on of the guests, and I just thought it would be neat to be dressed as her for my pics with him. Everything was completly alt (i.e. not screen accurate), and pretty much nobody recognized who I was cosplaying as, but it was still fun. My son also cosplayed as the Eleventh Doctor that year 🙂

What other characters have you cosplayed?

I’ve done a budget Queen Amidala for a Star Wars movie marathon, a brunette version of Amy Pond, and this year branched out from Doctor Who with Kaylee Frye (Firefly), Iris West (The Flash), and Alison Hendrix (Orphan Black). I don’t have the skills nor the inclination to actually make my own cosplays, so I tend to stick with characters from shows that I love, whose fashion style coincides with my own 😉

What was your favourite part of Clara ClaraPeter Capaldi evening?

I loved his entrance on to the stage! It was very theatrical and really quite brilliant – scenes of all the Doctors regenerating while Vale Decem played in the background, and then a haze of smoke and his reveal. But of course, the rest of the night was great too, and the time he took to spend with his fans afterwards – each and every one – was just amazing. Lovely man!

Your costume was amazing how long did it take to make?

As I said before, I don’t really make anything – I just lightly bankrupt myself every now and then! That dress was screen accurate and purchased from America last year. With anything SA I buy, I still like to get as good a bargain as I can – and that one I got below retail price. If you look closely you can see the colour is actually slightly off from Clara’s on Mummy on the Orient Express (sooooo, not technically SA), but hers has been unavailable for quite some time. The shoes were also what we think are the SA shoes, and I’m a bit proud because I was the one who initially identified them for the Clara cosplaying community. My one and only ID! I did have some help from a friend’s mother in shortening the dress and tacking the petticoat to the beaded dress itself – and yet it still wasn’t as short as Clara’s!

What did Peter say about it?

Ha ha, absolutely nothing! When signing his autograph for me though, he asked my name and I just said “Clara.” He said “Of course.” Still makes me giggle!

WhaClara and Karent do you enjoy about Doctor Who?

I really got into it around the “Impossible Astronaut” time with Matt Smith – my son was already a fan, and I remember catching a bit with the hand implant/recording device and the Silence – and it really blew my mind. I’d grown up with uncles who were into the classic series, so it didn’t take much for me to catch up and become a fan. I loved the clever, timey wimey stuff, and actually the fairy tale aspect to Amy Pond’s time in the T.A.R.D.I.S. Having said that, I’m a die-hard Ten-Lover 😉

What did you think about last Sunday’s season finale?

I was pleased in the end that Clara got to run off with a TARDIS. She was never my favourite character, and I thought her death was done well in Face the Raven, so it was alittle disappointing when she came back after all. I also thought it was disappointing there wasn’t more fanfare when The Doctor finally found Gallifrey again – remember when he was torn up about not finding it at the end of Series 8? And the Gallifreyans didn’t seem any smarter than us lot really! But I read an article where it pointed out that actually The Doctor had known for 4.2 billion+ years that Gallifrey was fine, and he also know the Time Lords had stuck him in the Confession Dial. So really, by the time he got back there, he wasn’t wanting to have a tearful reunion with them. The Heaven Sent episode though – I got chills, So good.

Anywhere in time and space, where would you most like to go and wClara and Sylvestorhy?

Tricky, Um, probably to visit an alien civilisation that have got it work out betterr than we have. Cos it gets really tiring being on this plant with some human’s behaviour [I totally agree] and I’d just have to hope that they wouldn’t be too mean to me! Timewise – maybe back to see some of the great concerts I’ve missed 😉

Who should be the next companion?


She was so funny, and sweet, and made me laugh. I’d love to see her with The Doctor.

When and what is your next cosplay?

Probably Christchurch Armageddon will be the next place, and I daresay a bit of Clara will be happening. What I’m most excited for though is a planned trip to Canada later in the year, where I’ll be attending Fan Expo Canada!! There I’ll probably do a bit of Teen Wolf cosplay (Allison and Lydia), as well as Iris and the Orphan Black clones (because CANADA). 😀

Thanks KiwiClara 🙂

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