Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Issue# 2 (Journeys End)

My 2nd vlog!! Slightly better quality – but still learning 🙂 Enjoy… 

This is the second review (in a series of three) of the figurines from the Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection. These figures are brought to you by Eaglemoss and are only available via subscription from

As you can see from my video, these figures are immaculately detailed and are modelled from actual photos from specific episodes of Doctor Who. Each figurine comes with a magazine giving your more information about the specific figure, the episode its from as well as other cool Doctor Who stuff.

Here is some more information about the collection series:

  • You will receive two issues every foissue2ur weeks.
  • It’s only avaible via subscription, and only available to be ordered online.
  • Issue 1 is $7.99 and Issue 2 onwards if $19.99 (+ $1 postage and handling per issue).
  • Premium Subscription is not available in NZ

You get four awesome free gifts when you subscribe:

  • You will receive FREE interactive digital editions throughout your subscription.
  • You will receive one FREE Binder with yor first delivery (after that it’s $14.99/binder)
  • You will receive one FREE Display Stant with your second delivery (after that it’s $29.99/stand)
  • You will receive one FREE Emperor Dalek Figurine with yor fourth delivery.
  • Subsciber gifts only available while stocks last, Gifts may differ from those shown..

I hope you enjoyed the vlog and will stay tuned for the next episode (and many more). In the meantime, please check out for more information on these awesome figurines.



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