Whovian Interview: DoctorLoki40 – Of Time, Space and Crochet

 Another day, another talented Whovian creating awesome figures. These cute figures are made with alot of love by DoctorLoki40. She not only makes these adorable Doctor Who figures, but she also does alot of other fandoms, as well as hats and adorable cats. Check out the interview below and make sure to check her out on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram (links at the bottom)

1) When did you first start knitting and doing crochet?
I first started knitting when I was in high school probably around 2005, we had a knitting ‘club’. I wasn’t very good at it then and put it aside. I didn’t look into doing any more yarn craft until 2012. I fell in love with the villain Loki from The Avengers film, and just had to have a little cute doll version of my own. Unfortunately I was really broke and couldn’t afford to buy any crochet ones, so I decided I was going to learn to crochet my own. I also needed a hobby for when I couldn’t sleep at night. And my crochet skills grew from there!
I’ve also recently started up knitting again, and I hope to make a 4th Doctor scarf sometime in 2016 😀

2) What inspired you to do Doctor Who figures?
Firstly my undying love for the show. I also love seeingIMG_6464 all the wonderful fanart that the show inspires, and this is my little contribution to that!
3) How long do they take to create from design to completion?
It depends. The more intricate the costume and hair the longer it will take to design and make. Something like the 12th Doctor in his red velvet coat took about a week and a half, but the 4th Doctor may take up to a month on the first go with all his colour changes and curly hair! (He’s still on the to-make list lol). I take my time so I can get it right and be happy with it 🙂
4) Have any Doctor Who cast crew seen them? what did they think?
They have! That was a real highlight 😀 Peter Capaldi and Sylvester McCoy have both seen their little crochet Doctors at the Doctor Who Festival in Sydney, and they liked them! Both were happy to have them in the pictures as well which was so exciting, I’m so glad they were cool with that!
5) Are they available to purchase? how can people order them?
They are available to purchase! I don’t keep any pre-made, so they are made after I get an order for them. Just because I haven’t made something before doesn’t mean you can’t request it either! People can order through my Facebook page www.facebook.com/timespaceandcrochet, or via email timespacecrochet@gmail.com. Facebook is probably the fastest way to get in contact with me. I can only make a limited amount at a time due to health stuff though sorry! Once you get in contact we can work out payment and postage details depending on where you need it sent. I’m in Australia 🙂
6) What do you love aIMG_6467bout Doctor Who?
The adventure, the stories, the characters. They’re all so engaging. And the fact it can keep changing and evolving keeps it interesting as well! It can go anywhere and can do pretty much anything. There’s nothing else quite like it.
7) Who do you think should be the next companion?
I honestly don’t know! Still getting over Clara I think so I haven’t really thought about her replacement yet. I’d like to see The Doctor travel solo for a little bit personally, meeting new people or catching up with old friends (like UNIT) every story maybe. Or even a little bit of travelling with Missy could be fun!
8) What was your favourite part of season 9?
Heaven Sent. Fantastic episode that was really well done. I also loved The Doctor’s speech in The Zygon Inversion, another terrific performance from Peter. Oh, and the cliffhanger of Under the Lake! So creepy seeing the hero like that!
Better leave it at that. I could keep gushing about season 9 all day… 😛
9) WhoIMG_6469 is your favourite Doctor?
Hardest question ever! I like something about all of the Doctors, and I can’t narrow it down to just one! 8 is special to me because he was my first Doctor and is just amazing. 11 took me forever to get over when he regenerated, I connected a lot with his Doctor. The 2nd Doctor is another I’m really fond of as well, so disappointed so many of his stories were lost. And after season 9 I’ve completely fallen in love with 12 as well!
10) What else do you create besides Doctor Who figures?
A whole bunch of stuff! Mostly fandom related, but I have been known to make doily’s and general hats, scarves, animal amigurumis and stuff. I’ve made myself a fez from Doctor Who, a Jayne Hat from Firefly, and a Sherlock Holmes hat for when I went to Comic Con to meet Benedict Cumberbatch (which he thought was so cool! *faints from excitement*) I also create figures from other shows, like Sherlock and Marvel films, Pokemon and even a Coriolanus from the NT Live production with Tom Hiddleston. The majority of my work is from my own designs, and any that aren’t will have a link to the original pattern. 🙂
Thanks so much for a cool interview DoctorLoki40, I will be placing my order soon hehe 🙂
Check out her stuff on the following links:

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