Classic Who: Terror of the Zygons (Tom Baker – 1975)

Terror of the ZygonsFinally I get the chance to see some classic Doctor Who and not just any classic but a TOM BAKER one (someone get me some jelly babie quick!!) at that…Terror of the Zygons!!!!

I loved this from the moment I saw The Doctor in a tartan scarf and hat!

The story goes that an alien race called the Zygons have had a small group living in hiding in Scotland for a few hundred years and that they are using the  Loch Ness monster as a weapon. The Zygons have a very long-term plan to conquer Earth and change it to suit their needs in readiness for the arrival of the rest of the Zygons who are spread across the galaxy.

The Zygons areLochness Monster fantastically good alien villains (although they do look alot better in the more recent episodes). They are rather menacing and scary as well as having good dialogue. The story is exciting, thrilling, fun and humorous and overall this is a classic. The Loch Ness Monster or “skarasen” monster is a rather a poor looking puppet, but is still pretty cool. This is a classic adventure of extremely high standard and great fun.

It was really cool how the Zygons’ monster turns out to actually be the Loch Ness monster; taking a legend and making it real is a fun way to put the frights into a story.

Tom zygonsBaker as the Doctor was a real eye-opener. Having been used to the newer generations it was refreshing to see his rendition. His wide-eyed antics and humour are just awesome. This was also my first chance to see the Brigadier and Sarah-Jane Smith (and Harry Sullivan). – who both give an awesome performance as the Doctor’s companions.


All in all a great adventure and I can’t wait to see more Classic Doctor Who this year.



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