Classic Who: The Space Museum (William Hartnell – 1965)

The Space MuseumThe Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki land on a planet that turns out to be a giant museum dedicated to the conquests and victories of a ruthless space-faring race. Because they have jumped a time track in the TARDIS, they can’t be seen or heard – before they get to solve this problem the group gets a glimpse of the future and it involves all four of them frozen and set up in display cases….oh oh!!

They have to change the future in order to stop this from happening, but how? Every action they take could lead them closer to being a museum display or could save them. How do they know what events need to transpire for them to avoid their fate? And can anybody help them??

They eThe_Space_Museumventually encounter a group of lads who are the rightful inhabitants of the planet. They have banded together and formed a small resistance group, but they aren’t nearly ready to take on the guards.  But thanks to Vicki they eventually form a resistance and claim the museum back for themselves.

I really, really like this story and failed to see why it was so unpopular with fans. There were a lot of great plot points that served to keep viewers guessing, and some great comedy that really added to the whole show.

When the travelers first land they find themselves in an incredibly interesting setting right in the middle of a bizarre mystery. That really get me invested, but then there’s a spanner thrown in the works (as happens in many Doctor Who adventures lol). They aren’t as they first appear, but whether they’re able to change the future even given the fact that they know what’s going to happen. It seems like an easy task, but it turns out to be quite difficult.

Things don’t wThe_mutant_is_revealedork the way I thought they would either, and I find that adds a good twist. It’s always assumed from the beginning that the Doctor will be the one to concoct a plan that will allow them to survive, but that’s not really what happens

I loved when the Doctor climbed into a Dalek casing to hide at one point – it was such a cute moment.


This was the first time I’ve seen this adventure (and my first William Hartnell adventure), and I thought it was great from beginning to end. With a lot of unexpected twists on the typical Whostory, it’ll keep viewers guessing, and smiling to themselves, the whole way through.


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