Classic Who Review: Time and the Rani (Sylvester McCoy – 1987)

Time and the Rani

The adventure has got a reputation, and not a very good one. I have to agree in some aspects (I was not fond of Mel at all – she screamed and scream and screamed some more….VERY annoying!!).

Why does the Rani make the Doctor get amnesia? Wouldn’t this make him forget how to work things? Why not just kidnap him and force him to do it??

The Rani’sTetrap plan is pretty insane. She’s kidnapped all these geniuses, see, and she’s hooked up all their brains into one gigantic disembodied super-brain. She needs the super-brain to calculate how to create a lightweight version of ultra-dense “strange matter” that she can shoot at a passing asteroid.(including Einstein…and The Doctor of course…but why Louis Pasteur??). What!! She is an awesome character though  – a cold-hearted Time Lady (played by Kate O’Mara) – she reminded me of Joan Collins alittle bit lol.

We eventually find out her final goal is to stop the extinction of the Dinosaurs (and why does she need Louis??). And, how did she get her own TARDIS?

I loved the look of the Lakertyan rebel, Ikona (a cross between Ziggy Stardust and Ronald McDonald) and the Teltraps just look like furry warthog men (apart from having four eyes and the need to killbowie that is)

The tripwire and weird bubble traps were a nice touch and quite technically clever for that era of television. Like I said before, I HATED Mel’s screaming – especially at the first part’s cliffhanger when it went on FOREVER!!

I really like Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. He is very off-the-wall and clownish but still gets the job done.

I loved this part when the 7th Doctor chooses his ‘outfit’





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