Classic Who: The Chase (William Hartnell – 1965)

The ChaseTime-travelling Daleks, a haunted house, giant octopodes, and the companions dancing around the Tardis to the Beatles – what’s not to love?

After playing around on his recently acquired Time-Space Visualiser (a souvenir from The Space Museum)  – and a quick visit/escape from the planet Aridus, The Doctor and his companions realise that they are being chased around the galaxy by the evil Daleks (in their own weirdly shaped time machine). The Daleks plan to take the TARDIS, find the Doctor and his companions, and exterminate them.

TDalek vs Frankhere now follows a chase through time and space, with the Dalek vessel determined to track down and exterminate the Doctor and his friends. First there’s the Empire State Building in New York (complete with bad accents),  the Marie Celeste (ok fine, this is alittle silly but still fun). But then there’s haunted house (WHAT THE?)! This story definitely takes a turn for the weird.It was kind obvious that it was just a theme park attraction, but why weren’t very vulnerable to Dalek attack? And are the Daleks so light that Frankenstein can just lift them up and throw them?? (Seriously this is getting alittle crazy, but still fun to watch).

And then the robo-Doctor at the end,  (which is played by a different actor but only on-screen for a short time) – which you can so sooo tell is NOT indistinguishable. Wow. He makes the slip-up or calling a companion by the wrong name and BOOM, taken down by a stick!!

dalek battle

The robot Mechanoids were quite impressive and the concluding shoot-out with the Daleks was a real battle of metal to the death.

This episode also introduced new companion Steven Taylor (who appears as a very disheveled prisoner on the planet Mechanus).

There seems to be a alot of humour with the Daleks in this series, and Wikipedia agrees:

“This is one of the few Dalek stories to incorporate humour, and is the only story to attempt comical performances from the Daleks, including a Dalek coughing as it emerges from the sand on Aridius, a stammering Dalek who cannot do simple mental arithmetic, three Daleks using their eyestalks to nod in agreement, a Dalek shouting ‘Yarrgh!’ as it tumbles off the Mary Celeste, and a Dalek getting annoyed with its subordinate.”

But anyway, aside from all that craziness, I really thought ‘The Chase’ was pretty good.  But Ian and Barbara leaving and go back to London was quite sad having only just to known them myself.

I have to say, I am REALLY enjoying watching all these Classic Who episodes. I hope that I can get them ALOT more this year (if I can find them).



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