Classic Who: The Three Doctors (1972)

The Three Doctors coverWhen the very universe itself is threatened by an antimatter-spewing blackhole (controlled by an ancient ex-Time Lord called Omega), who can the council of Time Lords turn to save the day. By breaking the laws of time itself of course!!  They pull the Doctors of the past into the present to make the Doctor more of a powerful threat. When one Doctor isn’t enough, it’s time for the power of three!


This is abit of a weird concept, but it is still an awesome excuse to bring together Pertwee, Troughton and Hartnell.

the three doctors promo shot

I was surprised that William Hartnell took part in this, as (according to my reading) in 1972/73, he was very ill. It is  therefore totally understandable that his character was downsized to some pre-recorded segments. The idea being that there was limited power and he was trapped outside in a vortex and couldn’t join the other two in person. His performance is very well done through, offering his own wisdom and advice from afar This was his last ever acting role..He sadly passed away a couple of years later.

Still, it’s preOmegadominately Pertwee’s Doctor that does most of the heroics, but he does plays off of Troughton well, and their little arguments are amusing to watch – Troughton obsessing over his lost recorder and Pertwee losing his temper lol.  It really shows the difference between the two of them nicely. Naturally, the Brigadier is mightily confused by the whole ordeal (he is me, I am him etc), refusing to believe what is happening before his very eyes. But meeting the Doctor he recognises from years ago, and trying to explain to headquarters, is fun.


Having put their collective heads together (this was a totally new concept, and one I haven’t seen before, why didn’t they try this in the Day of the Doctor?), Omega is tricked into releasing them all and destroying his blackhole. Having saved the Time Lords, they grant the Doctor his freedom, ending his exile, and the Doctors of the past are returned to their time zones.

I loved this, it  was really fun. I got a kick out seeing these three versions of the character together, as I’m sure fans did back in the day as well (and now).


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