Review: Doctor Who: You Are the Doctor and Other Stories

(Big Finish Productions)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner – @chrisgardnernz

John Dornebfpdwcd207_you_are_the_doctor_cover_largey is a very clever writer.

In You Are the Doctor he’s come up with a full cast audio drama starring Sylvester McCoy as the seventh Doctor that serves two purposes. Its main purpose is an audio version of a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book – if the Doctor does this go to track X, if he does that go to track Y. But if you’re too lazy to make the decisions You Are the Doctor also works as a stand alone story, albeit a very timey-wimey one – to coin a 10th Doctor phrase. Now that’s clever writing.

It’s also quite funny, in a Douglas Adam sort of a way.

The seventh Doctor and eternally youthful Ace (Sophie Aldred) set about foiling the pig-like Porcians invasion plans. Their chief foil is Chimbly (Kim Wall), who leaves all the decisions up to you, and his wife (Jon Culshaw).

There’s also another three seventh Doctor stories bundles with You Are the Doctor, which are not in the ‘Choose You Own Adventure’ format. They all star McCoy and Aldred, under the direction of Ken Bentley, and perfectly evoke the sort of stories that McCoy’s machevelian Doctor became known for.

Come Dine With Me by Jamie Anderson is a Cluedo inspired murder mystery with a sci-fi twist, The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel is writer Christopher Cooper’s take on a futuristic Ocean’s 11 and Dead to the World explores writer Matthew Elliott’s idea of what happens when space tourism goes wrong.

You Are the Doctor and Other Stories is not a typical Big Finish Productions release. Usually stories appear in four parts, as many of the classic television series did, with a cliffhanger at the end of the first three episodes. Instead you get a sort of sampler, which showcases the range of what Big Finish’s writers are capable of.

You Are the Doctor is available on CD and download from Big Finish Production


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